Dr. Nancy Wright's Visit
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On Tuesday, May 11, 2004, Dr. Nancy Wright from the University of Houston Clear Lake visited the Austin High School Magnet School of Teaching Professions.  She was invited by Ms. Smith to speak to the ninth grade magnet Teaching Orientations class.

The purpose of her visit was to teach Learning Styles and to inform the students about the Pathways to Teaching Program.  The Pathway to Teaching program is an effort to bring bright, dedicated students into the world of teaching and into area public schools through a collaboration of Austin High School; Houston Community College-Southeast Eastside Campus, and the University of Houston-Clear Lake.  These three Gulf Coast institutions are working together to provide a step-by-step program of community college preparation, university graduation, and school district experience to train future teachers for careers in education in the southeast Houston area.

Dr. Nancy Wright was well received.  The students were excited about her visit, and especially fond of getting a chance to access their most dominate learning style.  Ms. Smith and Dr. Wright are excited about working together in the upcoming semesters to form a collaborative approach to training our youth for a future profession in Education.

See pictures below:


 Above:  Dr. Nancy Wright presenting to Ms. Smith's class.

Above:  Ms. Smith, Dr. Wright, and Magnet Student

Above:  Ninth grade magnet students after taking a Learning Styles quiz