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     The largest country in South America, with over 7000 km bathed by the Atlantic Ocean,
      Brazil is a land of unimaginable beauty in its diversity.

The mixture of races and cultures
created a unique and wonderful people,
full of energy, fantasy and joy.

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Arts and Culture

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visit the Copabacana Club

Brazil and The Netherlands - A Timeline

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in our latest project

Europe in Brazil


Iguaçu Falls

the falls and Itaipu
flora and fauna


getting there
the isles
the architecture
Paraty Mirim

Factbook about Brazil
information sheet 

Maria Brazil
home of Brazilian Culture on the Web

Sonia Portuguese -
This site aims to help anyone who is learning Portuguese as a foreign language

Viva Brazil
Walter Morales information about the different regions in Brazil
+ photographs


The Brazilian Tourist Board

information and photos from Lonely Planet

a respected national link between Brazil
and all those—Brazilian or not—who feel a kinship with the Brazilian way of life, politics, economy,
culture and soul.


(Brazilian Institute
of Geography and Statistics)

Brazilian embassy in Washington
foreign policy,economy,environement,
human rights, science and technology

Brazil on the Internet - Developed under the general co-ordination of the Brazilian Foreign Ministry

Brazilink - Connecting People, information and ideas on Brazil

Brazil in the School
These resources by the Brazilian embassy in London aim to supply teachers and students with educational material about Brazil.

The School of the Future (USP)

Permanent Mission of Brazil to the UN

The World Bank Group
data and information

United States and Brazil
expanding frontiers, comparing cultures

Lanic Brazil Reference Desk

Brazilian Music

Internet Resources for Latin America

The Virtual Library for the Brazilian Student
Your School Library on the Web

World Heritage Sites (UNESCO)

An Online Guide to Bahia

Brazilian Carnival

A documentary created by Greenpeace Digital about the impact of rubber on the economy and environment in Brazil.

Conserving Amazonia's biodiversity
links to other
- sites and a story of enviromentalism told from the point of view of the Indigenous People's Organizations.

The Amazon

Maps of Amazonia

Links to Brazilian Rainforest

Expedition: Amazon 2001

Climate Kaleidoscope and the Rain Forest

Climbing Sites of Brazil

Global Education
resources, lesson plans and links to Brazil

language, art, people,personalities,
lifestyles,history, business, services


The Acre-Amazon Link
gives an introduction to the social and
environmental problems in the Brazilian Amazon, especially in the state of Acre

Sergio Koreisha's Page
history, culture,environement,economy,
business development, universities,landmarks, government, celebrities, social issues, health issues,news and weather.

WWF Brasil

All about Rio



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