The Keeper of Infinite Earths

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Keeper of Infinite Earths

Welcome to my website. This is my tribute to my friendís and my Champions campaigns. Around 1980, we were looking for a superhero role playing game. We tried other superhero RPG's but Champions was always our favorite. For about 20 years "off and on" we've played Champions. We've had several different campaigns over the years. Our first and main campaign we call "The Prime Universe". Most other campaigns sprang from this one.
This website is designed to archive the characters and the history of our 20 + year running CHAMPIONS campaign with historical text, pictures, and the Creator character sheets. It features both traditional scanned artwork and computer painted art, as well as an occasional photo-manipulation. The site is updated on a weekly basis.
I do all the art work for the Keeper. I am available for commission art. Prints of any pictures on this site are also available. If you are interested please contact me at
I'd like to thank my friends for helping me with this. Also our campaigns are shared, so each person will be credited for their characters.

Comments or Questions please e-mail me at

Pictured "Crimson Death vs the Thespian"

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