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Andrea  Corr

Andrea Jane Corr, the youngest of the siblings, also know as Andy, was born on 17 May 1974. She was brought up in Dundalk, County Louth, in Ireland and now has her very own home in Dublin. She has 2 sisters, Caroline and Sharon, and 1 brother, Jim. Her parent are Gerard (Gerry) and Jean, who recently passed away in November 1999 due to a lung disease. Andrea has brown eyes, black hair and has a height between 1m50 (5'1") and 1m55 (5'2").

Andrea went to the same school as her sisters, the "Dun Lughaigh Convent" and was classed the brainiest of all the siblings. However, she stopped at the age of 16 to join the band. Andrea received 4 honours out of 7 subjects. She learnt German for 3 years and French for 2 years. She intended to go to university after she received multiple honours in her Leaving Certificate results, but opted to join her family and pursue music. Andrea is a voracious reader and her favourite writers are Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Fyodor.

In the band, Andrea is the lead singer, the lyricist and the tin whistle player. When Andrea was young, she was taught classical piano like her siblings. While her siblings were practising piano, she received a tin whistle to keep her quiet.

During free time, Andrea likes walking new places, drinking tea, going out with friends, cooking, reading and talking with friends.

Andrea Corr is very flirty on stage. She really knows how to have fun. On stage, she loves dancing and running around on her sibling's solo. Her favourite musical experience is when playing live for 20,000 people at an open air concert. She is found to be very funny and cheeky and is also known to be a bit dizzy, that is why Jim calls her "Danger Dizzy". Andrea always loses things, for that is the reason why she plays the tin whistle since it's the cheapest instrument. Andrea's worst habit is sucking on her thumb.

In the future, Andrea is looking forward to motherhood. When she decides to have a baby, she would teach her kids instruments where they can get together with her sibling's kids and form a band.




Caroline Corr

Caroline Georgina Corr, the second youngest of the siblings, was born on 17 March 1973, which is St Patrick's Day. Caroline was  brought up in Dundalk, County Louth, in Ireland and also has her own residence with husband, Frank Woods. She has 2 sisters, Andrea and Sharon, and 1 brother, Jim. Caroline has blue eyes, brown hair and a height of about 1m64 (5'44")

Caroline went to "Dun Lughaigh Convent". She learnt German for 3 years and French, 2 years. She worked with Sharon at her aunty's pub, McManus's. The bands that she likes to listen to, are Garbage, Radiohead or The Verve.

In the band, Caroline is found to be the drummer, bodhran player, back vocalist and piano player. She learnt the drums at the age of 18 by a boyfriend. She also learnt the bodhran by watching a video.

During free time, she likes to relax, spend time with her new husband, hanging out with friends and catch up with chores. She is now 7 months pregnant and is expecting a baby in February/March.

Caroline was originally the shy one in the group, but now is very talkative in interviews. Like her siblings, she was taught classical piano by her father. Caroline Corr is very friendly with fans and very social. Her habits are sniffing her jumper and pulling her hair.



    Sharon Corr

Sharon Helga Corr, the second oldest of the siblings, was born on 24 March 1970. She was brought up in Dundalk, County Louth, Ireland and has a home with her husband, Gavin Bonnar in Belfast and another in Dublin. She has 2 sisters, Andrea and Caroline, and 1 brother, Jim. Sharon has green eyes, brown hair and is about 1m65 (5'5").

Sharon went to "Dun Lughaigh Convent". She learnt German for 3 years and French for 4 years. She also worked at McManus's with her sister, Caroline.  Sharon's favourite bands are The Police and Fleetwood Mac.

In the band, Sharon is the violinist, back vocalist, sometimes keyboards and guitar. She started learning the violin at the age of 6 and also was taught classical piano by her father. Sharon missed one violin lesson and between 7-14, she was a member of the Redeemer Youth Orchestra.

During free time, Sharon likes to relax and spend time with her husband.

Sharon is very serious about things and is also motherly. Her extremely worse habit is smoking. She also cannot live without coffee.





Jim Corr

James Steven Ignatious Corr, the eldest of the siblings was born on 31 July 1964. He was also brought up in Dundalk, County Lough, Ireland and now lives in Dublin. He has 3 sisters, Andrea, Caroline and Sharon. Jim has brown hair, blue eyes and is 1m70 (5'8") in height.

Jim attended "De La Salle Brothers Catholic School".  He had a passion for music that made his school work suffered. His favourite bands were like Sharon, The Police and Fleetwood Mac.

In the band, Jim is the keyboard player, guitarist, arranger/composer and the co-producer. He was very quick in learning the piano and learnt the guitar at the age of 13 by a next-door neighbour.

Jim likes to party in his free time. He is a party machine and loves going out with friends to pubs or night clubs. Andrea refers Jim as being "The Man on Fire".

Jim is the funniest Corr out of all the siblings. He's very nice and friendly with fans, and also loves to chat to them. Jim was a naughty boy and was given the nickname, "arsonist".



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