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music tabs

tin whistle
This is the basic D major scale showing the notes and which holes to cover for the D key tin whistle. A tin whistle has 6 holes. The shaded holes are the ones you cover. Whereas, the not shaded ones, you leave open. Also, you have to blow harder in order to get to a higher octave.

There are also some Corrs songs done in another key which is most likely to be G. Then you have a different fingering. Here is a basic scale of G major.

Here are some Corrs songs for you to practice so you can play along:

Forgiven Not Forgotten          Toss The Feathers          Joy Of Life          Only When I Sleep          When He's Not Around          Dreams

Paddy McCarthy          I Never Loved You Anyway          Little Wing          Haste To The Wedding           Head In The Air          Rebel Heart         

Give Me A Reason          Erin Shore          What Can I Do        


When you play the bodhran, you should divide it so that it looks like a clock. For example, 12 o'clock, 3 o'clock, 6 o'clock and 9 o'clock shown on the picture below.

Here is a song for you to play:

Little Wing



Here is a chart of the guitar strings below. The string which is marked with an "X" is not played and "O" is the string being played but not fretted. The strings in order are E, A, D, G, B, E.

Here is an example:

A: X02220          

The table below shows you how to play the chords to assist you with some of their songs.


A X02220   Dm7 XX0211
Am X02210   Dmaj7 XX0222
Am7 X02010   D7 XX0212
Asus2 X02200   Dmaj7 XX0222
Asus4 X02230   Dsus2 XX0230
A6 X02222   Dsus4 XX0233
Amaj7 X02120   E 022100
A5 57XXXX Em 022000
B X24442 Em7 022030
Bm X24432   Esus4 022200
Bm7 X24232   Em9 020002
C X32010   E5 02XXXX
Cm X35543   F 133211
Cadd9 X32030   Fmaj7 132211
Cmaj7 X32000   F# 244322
C# X46664   F#m 244222
C#m X46654   F#m7 242222
C#m7 X46454   G 320003
D XX0232   Gmaj7 320002
Dm XX0231   G# 466544

Here are some songs for you to play:

Forgiven, Not Forgotten          Heaven Knows          Someday          Runaway          Love To Love You         


Here you can play some songs using the piano.

Here is a song for you to play:


                                                                                     More Tabs Coming Soon!! (also for violin)

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