November 1961 (5 weeks old)
Right after I had been fed & bathed


March 1, 1970, 5PM (8 years old)
This is most likely the 1st picture of me in the '70s. This was taken 1 hour before we left to go to the Rodeo in the Astrodome to see Elvis.


Probably 1977
This is my heifer Snowflake. I used to say she was half Charlais, half Simmental & half Jackass. I had to tie her to the truck to teach her to lead.


Graduation, October 1979
Probably the last picture of me from the '70s. We took 3 each that day. One in a graduation gown, one in a tux, & one in regular clothes. This is that one. It is the only suit I have ever owned in my life.


April 2001
Interior of Billy's new Chevy Silverado


Billy and his new truck
Click the picture for a larger, clearer image


Billy and his new truck


Favorite 70s Singers:

- My favorite singer of all time, without him there would be no one else, I truly am the #1 fan of the man from Tennessee, Elvis!!! After him comes:

- John Denver

- Olivia Newton-John

- Waylon Jennings

- Jerry Jeff Walker

- Jim Croce

- Conway Twitty

- Linda Ronstadt

There are others of course but I have other questions to answer.

Favorite 70s Groups:

- Lynyrd Skynyrd

- The Charlie Daniels Band

- Led Zeppelin

- The Who
(also see Hypertext Who)

- Van Halen

- Loggins & Messina

- The home team, ZZ Top

Favorite 70s Foods:

My favorite foods from then are pretty much the same as now.

- Munchos

- Mello Yello
(see here for a picture (dig the Babe Ruth Hall of Fame can in the same pic!) from Jerome's Softdrink (Soda) Can Collection)

- Pizza Inn pizza

- Burger King

Favorite 70s-related Quotes:

"Was It Over When The Germans Bombed Pearl Harbor?"
"See If You Can Guess What I Am Now."
"Don't Get Mad, Get Even."

- from Animal House
(Mad Magazine cover parody)

"This Just In Gen. Allyssimo Francisco Franco Is Still Dead!"
"Well Excuuuuuuse Meeee!!!!!"

- from Saturday Night Live

"I Was Born A Poor Black Child."

- from The Jerk

Favorite 70's TV Shows:

- M*A*S*H

- All In The Family

- The Mary Tyler Moore Show

- The Carol Burnett Show

- Saturday Night Live
(also see SNL Cast Net and Steve Martin)

- NBC's Major League Game Of The Week on Saturdays

- Happy Days
(Mad Magazine cover parody and classic Fonz button)

- Laverne & Shirley

- James At 15
(also see this Lance Kerwin "People" mag Where Are They Now? article)

- Emergency!

- Adam-12

Favorite 70s Movies:

- Jaws
(also see here and these Mad Magazine cover parodies of Jaws and Jaws 2)

- The Jerk

- Animal House
(Mad Magazine cover parody)

- Up In Smoke
(also see here)

- Smokey & The Bandit

- Hooper
(also see James Best's Hooper memories)

- The Poseidon Adventure
(Mad Magazine cover parody)

- The Worlds Greatest Athlete

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