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General '70s Stuff

UoS (University of Surrey) Snaps
Our boy, Nigel was lucky enough to grow up in Surrey, England, and here's his entertaining account of campus life. Don't miss the UoS People section, it seems 70s geeks looked pretty much the same over there as they did here ;-) Honestly, though, great pictures of fab gear here.

Glaisdale School Memories 1973 - 1978
Not as many pics as the first site but here's another look at school life in England during the '70s via Chris Richards. Very entertaining write-ups.

Wes Clark's Avocado Memories
Personally speaking, this is what I would love this site to be, an honest and loving look back at the 70s through pictures and memories. A must-see for any fan of the era.

Stuck In The 70s
And we can only dream of becoming a true homage to the era like this site. You have got to see the webmaster's 70's Diary, great trip in the Wayback Machine! NOTE: Also on Facebook

These are the only four sites of their kind Nigel and I have been able to find out there, PLEASE send in any similiar urls you may have. We're looking for ones that offer up a good *long* look at the times through personal memories and pictures, more than one paragraph on someone's bio page. Email me (tinyd@bell.net) with any suggestions, thanks!

Group Member Links

Super Seventies RockSite!
Dennis McGee's site stuffed with info, images, links, trivia, you name it and he probably has it.

Hollywood Squares
Forget Whoopi, this is a loving tribute to the original Squares with Peter Marshall, Paul Lynde and Charley Weaver. Lots of pics, trivia and one-liners. Excellent work, Dixon!

DeeT's 70s Page
Wow! The sounds of the '70's live and breathe right here with great TV themes, commercials and lots more. Nice collection of .avi files here, that should whet your appetite! Just a boy, his tape recorder and a dream, I think I'm in love.

Art Angel Productions
The lovely Dawna's site. She is truly is an angel with a paintbrush.

Kids from C.A.P.E.R.
Erin's tribute to this short-lived classic ... well, she likes to think it was so we humour her 'cause we like her ;-) Seriously, though, '70s fandom at its best this one, nice blast from the past.

MaryMc's Seventies Stuff
Extensive and loving collections of links and memories. Be sure to explore the rest of her spiffy site as well, including her Deadhead Stuff and her cool Floaty Pen Stuff.

Hamish MacDonald
Very well done and entertaining site, do NOT miss his Novels and Stories.

The Sesame Street Lyrics and Sounds Archive
As long as I'm tooting everyone else's horn, here's my 70s site. More than 700 songs and skits transcribed along with tons of sounds to download and enjoy.

Other Recommended Links

American History 1970-1979
Excellent collection of links, info and pics from the Kingwood College Library site.

The 70's Preservation Society
Jim Thomas is a DJ from way back when and he's done a terrific job of keeping the faith here. Listen to the net broadcast, request songs, wander through the TV and movie section or get lost in the links page.

I Love the 1970s
Part of the BBC Cult site, a graphic reference guide to the series of the same name. Well done, Beeb!

Classic70s - Remembering the 70s
Really well done site with tons of info, nice pictures, and an easy to peruse lay-out. Groovy.

Nice factual look at the whole decade, loads of trivia to task your brain.

Remember The 70s
Mainly a site concerning the TV series "Rollin' On The River" which was hosted by Kenny Rogers and the First Edition (you can buy it from the site). Also includes bios for the various artists on the show and a good collection of links.

For all those so-called Boomers born in the first five years of the 60s (like me), here's our homepage with loads of memories to enjoy.

1970's memories from The People History Site
Better brew up a coffee, this could take a while! Loads of written memories to wade through and smile at here.

John Mann's Wacky Packages Web Page
Remember those product parody stickers that came with bubble gum back in the 70's? This guy certainly does, in fact, he seems to have an unhealthy obsession with 'em! But seriously, nice images and info here.

Vintage Lunch Boxes
An artform unto themselves, if you didn't slather them in Wacky Pack stickers. Nice collection of info, pics, even current auctions, via Collectors Weekly. Explore the whole site.

Lunchbox Collector
Wonderful depository of lunchbox goodies from now and then, many of them are for sale. Try their vintage page for a taste of the glories.

Top Secret Recipes - Candy Bar Wrapper Collection
You must have had one of these in that lunchbox! More than 400 1970s candy bar wrappers to drool over. NOTE: This link appears to be dead, but it still takes you to their neat parent site, Top Secret Recipes.

Mike's Candy Wrappers
Try this site instead for a load of candy wrapper scans (not all '70s related) that Mike's collected. The Main Page is a bit graphic heavy if you're on dial-up, but hopefully it will broken down alphabetically or something soon.

The Candy Wrapper Museum
A loving display of one woman's collection. Really well done, and don't miss the Classics section.

The Beatles Incredible Edibles Illustrated Price Guide
I had NO idea there were so many Beatles candy/food collectibles. Great list, most with scans, of more than 60 neat items such as Beatles Bubble Gum, Nestle's Quik's offer for blow-up Beatles dolls, and Wheat Honeys cereal with Yellow Submarine Rub-ons.

Commercial Candy/Pop Links
(not affiliated with this site)

- Hometown Favorites
(don't miss their Nostalgic Candy)

- CandyDirect.com

- Groovy Candies

- Candy Warehouse
(very nice Nostalgic page)

- EconomyCandy.com

- Fannie May Candies

- The Soda Shop

The Feathered Back Hair Site
Speaking of unhealthy obsessions, wow! If you don't know the difference between The Farrah, The Bertinelli, and The Hamill, well hide your shame no more and check out these fab hairstyles. Lots of yearbook pics and video captures from game shows, you'll never look at hair the same way again. NOTE: Appears to be dead :-(

70s Hairstyles
Almost as obsessive, this exhaustive look at 70s hair from eHow.com is quite well done.

Hair Style years '60s '70s
More '60s than 70s, but very classy look at the marvy hairstyles back then. Gorgeous pictures!

Sam's Toybox
Sam dug out his attic, see which of your memories he unearthed. I was tickled to see some of my own personal memories represented with the Frosty Sno-Man Sno-Cone Machine, the Give-A-Show Projector, and Battling Tops. Even his Monopoly game page is interesting! Great collection of short articles and images, just makes you wish he had a bigger attic.

Tick Tock Toys
"A cavalcade of images and ideas", and how! Just oodles of great pics to drool over and excuses to shout, "Hey, I remember those!". Not all from the '70s, these goodies go back to the '50s. Lots to explore here, enjoy.

The Toy Encyclopedia
Another good one but a lot bigger.

This Old Toy
A loving look at all the Fisher Price toys we played with.

LIFE Magazine
I've been a longtime collector of the paper version (which is now sadly off the racks) but the online version is just as nice to explore.

Doug Gilford's Mad Cover Site
If you weren't reading Rolling Stone yet then you were probably laughing hysterically at Mad Magazine, this is a fantastic collection of covers to drool over and much more. Read all the great parody titles for movies and tv programs through the years, get all the cover links at once or just start with the first cover from '52 and keep clicking Next Issue. Magic.

Roadside America
A bit off-side but I'm sure plenty of other kids grew up on the road back then, this will bring back memories (or give you nightmares depending on where you end up!). The site does warn that their travel guide is opinionated so step lightly if you're the sensitive sort. Otherwise just throw a virtual dart at the map and cruise, trust me, it's a trip (IMHO, your best bet would be to use the site map). I don't recall seeing The Jolly Green Giant in our travels through Minnesota, but I must have seen Paul Bunyan there's a whole tribe of them out there! I'm a sucker for stuff like Smokey the Bear's Grave with its lovely stained-glass entrance and where Nixon's dog, Checkers, ended up. Touching, I tell you. Or just touched.

Here's another cereal blast from the past, Freakies! Nice fan page with images, lyrics and games to play. I was a big fan of Fruity Freakies myself, no comments from the peanut gallery back there! ;-)

Painstick's Playhouse
Fab collection in the Cereal Box Gallery along with great Retro Ads, PEZ Games, and even an MST3K Spotlight. Well worth a trip!

Gallery of Regrettable Cuisine
Not technically the '70s but any retro fan will enjoy this collection of food oddities from the past. Also includes the marvelous Gobbler site, a homage to "The Grooviest Motel In Wisconsin". Sad to report the real Gobbler was recently burned to the ground :-( Read about it at Requiem for the Gobbler Motel.

Cool Stuff
Videos, toys, t-shirts and lots more for sale here, this site comes highly recommended and is well worth checking out (not affiliated with this site).

Oozing Goo - The Lava Lamp Syndicate
Speaking of cool stuff, don't miss this one lava fans! Great pics, stories, shopping, even instructions for do-it-yourselfers.

High Times
Don't let The Man catch ya looking ;-)
Not a drug endorsement merely an attempt to include all aspects of '70s culture

Don't miss the rest!

70s TV

70s Movies

70s Music

Elton John

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