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Welcome to the homepage for alt.culture.us.1970s, a newsgroup for people stuck in a retro timewarp! As Dixon says, "This is the bar we hang out in after we clock out from 2004."

Within this site you'll find pictures of some of the friendliest folks you're likely to meet ... and proof that time does indeed march on whether we want it to or not ;-) You'll also find lots of fun links and memories of a time we hold dear.

So pull up a beanbag, pass the Munchos and let's meet the gang!

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Aleen / Ang / Anne / Billy

Buddy / Dawna

Dennis (aka Endymion9)/ / Dennis M.

Dixon / DL / Dustin / Erin / James

Jamie / Larry / Liz

Lorrie / Mike / Molly

Nadine / Nate / Naz

Nigel / Patrick

Rachel / Rhonda

Sandy / Tom C

Trish / Tritt

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Jim Backus as The Genie (Looney Tunes) - 166K

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