In Grade 6


Rah, Rah! Nadine and her daughter, Anna
Halloween '99


On the town with the gals in 2000
Bottoms up!


Nadine and Anna

Favorite 70s Singer/Group:

I was crazy about the Stones. Also liked The Bee Gees and Shaun Cassidy.

Favorite 70s Food:

Pop Rocks and Carnation Breakfast Bars. Do those count as food?

Favorite 70s-related Quote:

If life gives you lemons, make lemonade ... Just kidding, but I remember this poster from my counselor's office in Junior High. Or "Hang On, Baby ... Friday's Coming!!!!"

Favorite 70s Toy:

- Grow Hair Velvet doll (also see here, here and here for Crissy, Velvet's cousin)

- My Playskool Holiday Inn

- Battling Tops

- Klik Klaks (what we called Clackers)

- Kiddles!!!

Favorite 70s Memory:

1977. Going to Florida/Disney World in a renovated school bus with my family. Eat your heart out, Partridge Family!!!!! We drove from Colorado to Florida in that thing ... weathered electrical storms, a fuel pump blow out, getting lost in Dallas ... but definitely a "bonding experience."

Favorite 70s Scary Moment:

Night Gallery, episode: Something in the Woodwork. Aired in 1973. Scared the hell out of me!

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