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My prognosis

Bio: My name is Nathan J. Unger M.D. I am in my final stages of my residency at Hilton Head General Hospital. I hope to continue as a general surgeon.

I couldn't tell you how much I enjoy I've met a lot of truly wonderful people!

Favorite 70s Singers:

(Anything R&B)
- Stevie Wonder

- Barry White

- Bill Withers

- Al Wilson

- Jonnie Taylor

- Donny Hathaway

- Edwin Starr
- (also see here)

- Gladys Knight

- Jean Knight
- (also see here)

- Aretha Franklin

- Phillis Hyman. . .etc.

Favorite 70s Food:

- Hot Dog on a Stick It's my fav food and fav place to go - growing up in San Diego, Ca.

Favorite 70s-related Poem or Lyric:

Well. . .I'd dedicate a whole song as a lyric and that's People Make The World Go Round by The Stylistics

Favorite 70s Toy:

Duuuuuuuh : - ) that would be Operation, hence being a Doctor.

Favorite 70's Memory:

The roller skating rink.
- (Not Nate's site, someone else's memories)

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