Favorite 70s Singers:

- I've narrowed it down to these:

- Eric Clapton

- Elton John

- Olivia Newton-John

- Gordon Lightfoot

- Bob Seger

- Rod Stewart

Anyone else who is not crossing my mind at this moment.

Favorite 70s Groups:

As with the singers, ya can't pick just one.
I especially like these:

- Bachman-Turner Overdrive

- Badfinger

- The Band

- The Beach Boys (a group for any decade)

- The Beatles
(they didn't break up until 1970, so they qualify, even if just barely)

- The Guess Who

- The Steve Miller Band
(also see this unofficial fansite)

- The Moody Blues

- The Who

- Wings
(also see this unofficial fansite)

a few dozen others

All-time Favorite Song:

- Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys

All-time Favorite Group:

- Gotta be The Beach Boys

Favorite 70s-related Quote:

- "Fifteen years. I'm going to jail in my puberty, and I won't come out until my adultery."

-Radar from M*A*S*H when facing a possible court martial.

Favorite 70s Toy/Game:

- Mr. Microphone

- Monopoly

Favorite 70's TV Shows:

- M*A*S*H

- All In The Family

- Barney Miller

- Maude

- WKRP In Cincinnati

Favorite 70s Movies:

- Two of the best music movies of all time, Grease and American Graffiti

Favorite 70s Food:

- Toffifay

Favorite Things to Do in the 70s:

- During that decade I was a DJ. I think the 70s might have been the last really fun DJ decade, and I loved every minute of it. But I wasn't too old for swimming in the summer and winter snowball fights.

Personal Links:

The Juke Joint

My partner on the web and in every important aspect of my life, Jamie and I feature 50s through 70s oldies presented in 8 different jukeboxes. We include a page that features favorites from 70s group members, thus justifying this shameless plug.

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