Liz at work narrating a video for the Culligan company called "Are You Gettin' Enough Water?"

Donated by Dixon

Liz & Alex Trebek

Liz with Alex Trebek on "Jeopardy!", way to go, girl!

Liz & Michael

Liz and Michael getting hitched

Tom, Dawna, Buddy, Jolie, Liz, and Michael

Tom, Dawna, Buddy, Jolie, Liz, and Michael
New York, Oct. 2004

Dawna, Tom, Jolie, Buddy, and Liz

Dawna, Tom, Jolie, Buddy, and Liz
New York, Oct. 2004

Dawna, Liz, & Michael

Dawna, Liz, and Michael
New York, Oct. 2004

Favorite 70s Groups:

- The Eagles

- Fleetwood Mac

- Styx

- The Bee Gees

- Ambrosia

- Steely Dan

- Foreigner

- Queen

Favorite 70s Singers:

- Billy Joel

- Carly Simon

- Barry Manilow

- Gerry Rafferty

- Stevie Wonder

- Elton John

- Olivia Newton-John

- Shaun Cassidy

- Donna Summer

Favorite 70s Food:

- Plain Doritos

- Grape Mr. Misty (DQ)

Favorite 70s Toy/Game:

- Slip 'n Slide

- Atari 2600

- Altair Design

Favorite 70's Book:

The Westing Game

Favorite 70's TV Shows:

- Zoom

- The Bob Newhart Show

- The Mary Tyler Moore Show

- Taxi

- The Brady Bunch (also see Brady World)

- The Donny and Marie Show

- The Carol Burnett Show

- The Gigglesnort Hotel

- Real People

- all game shows

Favorite 70's Movies:

- Grease

- The Sting

- Young Frankenstein (one of my all-time favorites, but somehow I don't think of it as a 70s movie)

- High Anxiety

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Dead People Server

Internet Movie Database

Generally Cool Links

(a million ways to waste time online)

Molecular Expressions: The Silicon Zoo
(brilliant site that shows microscopic pictures created on computer chips - no joke, it's amazing to look at)

(awesome recipe archive)

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