Dec. 2001 in Kelly's apt.


Rockefeller Centre, NYC, Dec. 2001


Radio City Music Hall, NYC, Dec. 2001


Brooklyn Bridge, Dec. 2001


At John Lennon's Imagine Mosaic in Strawberry Fields, NYC
Dec. 2001


With Buddy, Dec. 2001

Buddy & Dawna

Buddy and Dawna getting hitched *sniff*
It's a long story, but they met on the newsgroup, awww
Steeplechase Pier, New York, June 8, 2003



Tom, Dawna, Buddy, Jolie, Liz, and Michael

Tom, Dawna, Liz, and Michael
New York, Oct. 2004

Dawna, Tom, Jolie, Buddy, and Liz

Dawna, Tom, Jolie, Liz
New York, Oct. 2004

Dawna, Liz, & Michael

Dawna, Liz, and Michael
New York, Oct. 2004

Favorite 70s Singer/Group:

- Foghat

- Led Zeppelin

. . . Okay, okay, +

- The Partridge Family and

- Barry Manilow!

Favorite 70s Food:

- Tang & Teaberry gum

Favorite 70s-related Quote:

- "You bet your sweet bippie" & "Sock it to me!" (see here)

Favorite 70s Toy:

- Easy Bake Oven

Favorite 70's Memory:

- All of high school and the fun with friends . . . the far out clothes!! Feathered hair on boys AND girls, platform shoes . . . but I do NOT miss polyester pant suits, especially the pink and peachy colored ones!

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Art Angel Productions
(Dawna's amazing artwork, don't miss it!)

Buddy and Dawna's Wedding

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