Favorite 70s Singer/Group:

- Led Zeppelin

- Tommy Bolin

- Paul Rodgers/Bad Company/Free


- Joe Walsh

- Boston

- The Cars


- The Ramones

Favorite 70's TV Shows:

- Welcome Back, Kotter
(Mad Magazine cover parody)

- All In The Family

- Monty Python's Flying Circus

- WKRP In Cincinnati

- Saturday Night Live

Favorite 70s Movies:

- Taxi Driver

- Over the Edge

- The Godfather and The Godfather, Part II
(Mad Magazine cover parody of The Godfather and Mad Magazine cover parody of The Godfather, part II

- A Clockwork Orange
(Mad Magazine cover parody)

- The Deer Hunter

- One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

- Animal House
(Mad Magazine cover parody)

- Rocky Horror Picture Show

- Monty Python and the Holy Grail

- Monty Python's Life Of Brian

- The Rutles
(Don't miss The Rutles official band page!)

- Schlock

- Rock N Roll High School

Favorite 70s Food:

- Pillsbury Chocolate Space Food Sticks

Favorite 70s-related Quote:

"You talkin' to me??!"
(see here)

Favorite 70s Toy:

- Mattel Hand Held Electronic Games

- Atari 2600

Favorite 70's Memory:

The Bicentennial, the GREAT music, Pac Man, Ali/Frazier Thrilla in Manilla, and of course the women (especially the ones in tube tops!)

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