Bicentennial 7UP Cans

In 1976, to commemorate the The US Bicentennial, 7UP released a collection of pop cans that gloriously represented the nation (when the entire collection was setup properly). Luckily, member, Brent Popham, drank a LOT of 7UP back then :-) Enjoy his great pictures of this once-in-a-lifetime collection!

The first can in the set (Alabama)
with the set-up diagram on the back

Close-up of the instructions on that can

The can of Brent's home state (Iowa)

Close-up of the Iowa can
(year admitted, the number of the state,
the state capital and the state nickname)

Close-up detail of the red & blue '7UP's on the can

The top can (Wyoming) with the words "United We Stand 1776-1976"

Full collection of stacked cans
Uncle Sam in all his glory!

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