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When you get right down to it, this is why we're all here in the first place, the postings we contribute to and the sense of community they've helped us build over the years. I can't post every single one of the warm, wonderful, funny, heart-breaking and heart-warming words that have poured out from the gang so I've highlighted some singular goodies and linked to some of our great threads via Google.

PLEASE NOTE: There's a usenet practice known as Thread Drift which we heartily endorse around here. We may start off talking about music and end up in a heated sports discussion, it happens, don't sweat it ;-)

Also, due to some generic thread titles, the discussion may start in the '90s and end in the whatever you call the era we're in now. That's just how the Google system is set up. So, if you want to stand out, make your titles unique.

Finally, please note that these postings are written by adults that lived through some very funky times. If references to soft drugs and sexual situations offend you, please explore the rest of the site instead as the discussions do tend to get a bit frank at times.

GOOGLE UPDATE: The Google Groups usenet database now goes back twenty years, woohoo! They've highlighted some interesting and historical posts HERE (not related to our group). I'm thrilled to say we can finally pinpoint the birth of to June 19, 1994. Check the next page for a real flashback. I'm working on adding as many older postings as I can but there's plenty to enjoy right now, dig in!

Historic Postings

R.I.P. George Harrison
thread started by Erin (30/11/2001)

Also see Aleen's lovely posting via Abbey Road Studios in England here, Buddy's visit to Strawberry Fields here, and Doug's beautiful words here.

Lennon's Death: Where Were You?
started by Steveo McLaughlin on the 20th anniversary (12/3/2000)

As people around the world tried to come to grips with the tragic events that unfolded in the U.S. on September 11, 2001, a lot of us on the newsgroup reached out to each other to try and heal through words. These are just some of them.

OT: Plane Crashes Into World Trade Center
thread started by KavisD (9/11/2001)

OT: New York members *please* check in
thread started by Tiny Dancer (9/11/2001)

Words from John Denver
thread started by Pamela (9/11/2001)

thread started by Yeff (aka Jeff B.) (9/11/2001)

I'm Here
thread started by Tom C (9/11/2001)

OT: Am I a "Bleeding-Heart Liberal" For Feeling The Way I Do?
thread started by Molly (9/11/2001)

OT: Toronto The Good
thread started by Tiny Dancer (9/11/2001)

An Eerie Calm Today
thread started by Tom C (9/12/2001)

Some Thoughts from Brooklyn
thread started by Buddy (9/12/2001)

thread started by Kelly (9/12/2001)

Americans by Gordon Sinclair
posted by Yeff (aka Jeff B.) (9/12/2001)
(reprinted from Canadian Communications Foundation)

thread started by Jamie (9/12/2001)

God Bless The USA
thread started by Nanc (9/13/2001)

In America
thread started by Kelly (9/13/2001)

Take Care
thread started by Lori (9/13/2001)

Let this not be a temporary thing...
posted by Nadine (9/14/2001)

September 11, Patriotism, Revenge and Mercy Very Long
posted by Dave (9/15/2001)

Member Gatherings

Toronto Day-AMAZING!! (first official ng gathering)
started by Rach (11/11/2000)

The Rain, The Park, and Monster Cok(e)s: The NYC Gathering
started by Tom C (6/23/2001)

My NY Experience
posted by Nanc (6/27/2001)

NYC, my vacation, and back to work :-) (Second NYC Gathering)
started by Naz (12/15/2001)

Repost From Dawna (Second NYC Gathering)
started by Dawna (12/16/2001)

Oh Canada!
started by Tom C (3/17/2002)

Selected Postings

Who We Are
posted by Buddy

George Harrison's Death
posted by Doug

High School Reunion
posted by Anne

Noteworthy and/or Hit LPs
(excellent, long primer on the music of the era)
posted by Tom C

What I Miss
posted by CJ Green

You know you were a little girl in the 70s if ...
posted by Erin

Feeling Old?
posted by Tiny Dancer

Bicentennial 7UP Cans
(Not technically a posting, just too good not to share!)
donated by Brent Popham

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