Posted March 14, 2002, on, reprinted with Buddy's permission.

For The Lurkers, Who We Are

This is primarily for the lurkers. This is my concept of who we, here at are as a group.

I was sittin' at work and thinking about those amongst us who are core group members and how we have stood the test of time . We have over the last 3 1/2 years (that I have been here) fought like rabid dogs over certain topics, and agreed almost 100% on others. We are a fairly diverse group (considering that we are all white - I think). We have people from many backgrounds and professions, as well as areas. But we agree on what we think is important.

We have had people come into the group and right from jump wanted us to change our language because they wanted their kids to play in here. And since they wouldn't change their attitudes were given the bum's rush. We are Republicans, Democrats, Greens, Libertarians, undecideds, etc. And we will differ like any family might. But we have this strength in a certain sense of unity. We have had people tell us that we can not talk about OT subjects. We have had people tell us that we can not discuss certain subjects. We get people who call us names for posting our honest thoughts because they do not coincide with their particular worldview. We got through the bombing in 2001, and we got through the election of 2000. We are a caring decent group of people who welcome others in. We cheer each other's successes and comfort each other's losses. We gather, from time to time to share our bon ami.

We are from several different nationalities and several different nations. We are young, we are old (I feel that way anyway), we are tall, we are short, we are skinny and some of us are ... well ... are more well rounded. We were born between the years of 1951 and 1979. Several of us have been in the service and then again some have spent their whole lives as civilians. We are married, we are single, we are seperated, we are divorced. There is a question of debate as to whether there are any virgins amongst us (not that that is a bad thing). We have members of almost every organized religion in the world, and a few agnostics. We are coarse, we are crude, we are genteel and refined. We believe mainly in the good times, the innocent times of our younger days, when life was simpler and good was easy to discern from bad. We are gay, we are straight, we are bisexual and we draw no distinctions or judgements about what your favorite flavor is. We (some of us) like disco, others rock, a few mellow out to some folk, some will groove to David Cassidy or Barry Manilow even, while still others like to get down with some classic soul.

WE are a diverse group and not at all homogenous, and THAT is our strength. You can never get bored in here because although we may disagree with you, us regulars respect each other's opinions - and everybody else's - (no matter how "wrong" you may be about something LOL). And you will always find someone here who will agree with you, or disagree. And then, it is usually the last person in the world who you thought would take your part, who will stand up for you. We don't let our friends get bullied but gently try to dissuade the strong of will from stepping on the more docile.

WE have Southern Gentlemen. WE have New York Greasers. WE have Canadian Hunnies. WE have Mountain Girls from Colorado, WE have Chicago Actresses. WE have Professors. WE have Computer Specialists. WE have ladies who sell phone service. Hell, WE've got cuties, and booties, and tutti fruttis. WE have old hippies, old D.J.'s, middle aged housewives, women just venturing out into the work force, guys who work tugs, reporters, cartoon artists, rocket hobbyists, musicians, and karaoke queens. Some of us like to dance, prance, and drop our pants. We can be a rowdy bunch, but ultimately WE have each other that we can count on. Our "WE" is a strong statement because it contains SO many thoughts and opinions that are divergent, and yet: respectful and inclusive. If you've been lurking: come on in the water's fine. Join us, we are quite a group.

from Brooklyn

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