TD aka Rhonda

Playboy Club, Kowloon (Hong Kong), 1969
I'm the one on the right ;-)

TD aka Rhonda

Same time line, my kindergarden graduation
Hong Kong
Find me! ;-) Click the pic for a larger image if you're stumped
Hint: I'm in the middle

TD aka Rhonda

Gag poster we had made in Niagara Falls, early '70s
The Four Ways was my parents' band
I freaked out plenty of kids with this goodie!

TD aka Rhonda

Hugging Aussie megasuperstar, Rolf Harris
Vancouver's Massey Hall (early 70s)
Dig the groovy purse!
The lion is made of colored leather patches

TD aka Rhonda

Grade 6 Graduation
I'm dancing on the far left w/ my hand to my head
Maybe a headache from that patchwork quilt of a dress!
St. John's, Newfoundland, 1976

TD aka Rhonda

High school (early 80s)
Dig the safety pin earring!
And the top of my pot-leaf necklace
Such a rebel

TD aka Rhonda

Rachel, Tom & TD aka Rhonda

Rach, Tom and I in my crowded apartment
Note the plastic lobster on the wall to the left and the lovely Christmas card
the gang sent me when I was offline to the right on the wall

Favorite 70s Singer:

If I have to answer then you haven't been paying attention out there! ;-) Elton John, no question, no equal, next!

Well, okay, I'll admit I enjoyed a lot of other musicians back then:

- Abba

- America (also see here)

- Kate Bush

- Harry Chapin Fan Pages (also see here)

- Cher (also see here, HIGHLY recommended!)

- Jim Croce

- John Denver

- Billy Joel

- Barry Manilow

Favorite 70s Group:

Hmmm ... this is harder to narrow down:

- The Guess Who

- Three Dog Night

- Simon & Garfunkel

- Blood, Sweat & Tears

- Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

- Bread

- The Who

- The Carpenters

- Steely Dan

- The Hudson Brothers

I have eclectic tastes, what can I say?

Favorite 70s Food:

Raw Tang right out of the jar, nothing sweeter! And Blackpool Rock Candy, the long pink stuff you could suck on for weeks. My mother used to make the most incredible Scotch Eggs (hamburger meat with breading deep fried, mmmm), they were a hit at every party we attended. And, in keeping with my Aussie roots, I lived on grilled cheese and Vegemite sarnies (sandwiches), still a fave and I'm keeping the tradition going with my Canadian-born son, he's probably the only Canuck who loves Vegemite!

Favorite 70s-related Quote:

"Uh, I think that I am familiar with the fact that you are going to ignore this particular problem until it swims up and bites you in the ass!"
- Hooper from Jaws

Favorite 70s Toy:

My Barbie Country Camper, which was stunning at the time; played with it for years, don't judge!

Favorite 70s Show:

Can't narrow this list down either, I was a primo couch potato! Some faves:

- The Mary Tyler Moore Show

- Barney Miller

- The Bob Newhart Show

- Soap

- Mork and Mindy

- WKRP In Cincinnati

- All In The Family

- Card Sharks

- The $100,000 Pyramid

- Tattletales (let's face it, ALL of the game shows).

Favorite 70s Movie:

Jaws tops my list, I'm considering buying a DVD player just to see this great flick in all its glory. Otherwise, I enjoyed:

- Tommy

- The Exorcist (Mad Magazine cover parody)

- And Meatballs, how's that for a weird mix?

70s Jobs:

(from a newsgroup posting)

Subject: Re: The Day Elvis Died

My first job was at Tim Horton's Donuts in St. John's, Newfoundland, around 1977. Can't recall the pay but it must have been around $1.50 an hour plus tips. I was only interested because my best friend's father ran the store and let us run wild when we weren't working. Oh, the cream fights we had in the back when it was quiet! And I loved filling the Timbits. One for the rack, one for me, two for the rack, one for me :-)

My next job was in the family business (restaurant/bar at the time). I did a bit of everything there. Waitressed in the restaurant and worked the coat check mainly. I was on the coat check the night Elvis died (I had my radio on for company as the restaurant and bar were on seperate floors from the coat check area) and ended up telling everyone that arrived the sad news. "Have a nice dinner and, by the way, did you hear Elvis died?". Not a lot of tips that night!

Best 70s CB Story:

(from another posting)

Subject: Re: 1970s Cb radio craze

I have a tale you won't hear every day, a CB radio helped save my life! :-)

Father's Day, 1977, in St. John's, Newfoundland, I was 12 years old and left the house on my bike to meet my parents downtown for dinner. My Dad was at a softball game and my Mum would be leaving the house in her car shortly after me with the weekend's deposit from the club they ran under her front seat (important to the tale soon). The rest of this comes from my mother's memory as I didn't regain consciousness for a few days. She came over the crest of a hill and saw a blob off to the side of the road in the distance. She just knew it was me, in that way mothers have. When she reached the blob she discovered it was indeed me lying on the side of the road with my bike beside me, neither one of us marked or scratched in any way. I stood up, no problem, telling her I was fine and wanted to go home.

A neighbor of ours arrived shortly afterwards and told her he had called out on his CB radio asking anyone near a phone to call an ambulance. My Mum thanked him and told me I should at least go to the hospital when the ambulance arrived so the neighbor's efforts wouldn't be in vain.

Long story short, I'm certainly glad I did as they found a blood clot at the base of my neck which was *hours* away from reaching my brain. Two operations over the next two years, a metal plate and the utter humiliation of having my head shaved twice (I wore a wig to school, it was a nightmare!), I'm fine and dandy. If he hadn't called for an ambulance on his CB my mother would have taken me home and I'd have been dead before the next morning.

Oh, and the deposit under my Mum's seat? She left the car door open and the motor running when she found me and didn't even think of it until hours later at the hospital. The same neighbor had driven the car back to the house, parked it and locked the doors. The entire $4,000 was still there when she returned. What a guy!

Beat THAT CB tale, folks! ;-)

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