Patrick aka Disco Pat

Five months old (May, 1970), awwwww!

Patrick aka Disco Pat

With the much-missed Jackie in 1991

Patrick aka Disco Pat

Hawaii, February 26, 2001


Seattle skyline, 1970

Seattle skyline, 1970

Seattle skyline, 2000

Seattle skyline, 2000

The view is from the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle with the symbol of Seattle, the Space Needle (build for the 1962 Seattle World's Fair), Downtown Seattle Skyline, and Mount Rainier 60 miles away

Favorite '70s Singer/Group:

- Three Dog Night

- The Bee Gees

- George Harrison (see also BBC's Tribute to George Harrison)

Favorite '70s TV Shows:

- The Brady Bunch

- Happy Days (Mad Magazine cover parody of The Fonz)

- All In The Family (see also All In The Family)

- Good Times

- Dallas

- The Dukes of Hazzard

Favorite '70s Commercial:

- Keep America Beautiful "Crying Indian" ad featuring the late Iron Eyes Cody.

Favorite '70s Memory:

Back in June 1, 1979 when the Seattle Supersonics won the NBA Championship.

Favorite '70s Radio Station:

KJR AM, Seattle's Top 40 station in the 1970's aka "Channel 95".

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