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ball.gif May 19, 2007 ~ Greetings and salutations, my patient friends! Don't ask, just rejoice in the fact that I'm back :-) So many link changes, additions, submissions, corrections, requests etc. piled up (along with personal Life Stuff), I just got overwhelmed and let it all slide for a while, you know? I truly am sorry for the quiet, but I think you'll agree it was worth the wait. Little late for Mother's Day, but I'm bustin' my buttons to finally be able to present The Mother Of All Updates - Part One! Hands waving in the air Kermit-style, yeeeaaaaah!

Let's start with the mischief I got up to with my Mastercard. Lo and behold, I now have loads of server space and have uploaded every single multimedia file I have, so there should be no more outside links for any of my files (if you find an ftp.nu link I missed, please alert me).

It was a ton of work (I unzipped old files, cleaned up new ones, reformatted a lot of files, etc.), but I've now incorporated all of the multimedia files and links into The Original Sesame Street Sounds Archive. Too big? Let me know what you think. If it's not there, I don't have it or haven't found it online yet. I'll only be updating you on this page (What's New) when I have new sounds/vids or transcripts, just so you know. I'm not going to bother updating every time I change or add a new YouTube link, but the additions will be clearly marked.

I concentrated on the multimedia files with this part of the update due to the many changes at YouTube and the new server space, so I'm now tackling the new (and updates to old) transcripts, just so you know. I'm quite impressed with some of the "fuzzy memories" I've found that are pretty darn close to the original, but I will update as much and as soon as I can. We didn't have no stinkin' YouTube when this thing started, ya know. You kids today with all your classic clips at your fingertips, you're spoiled rotten, I tells ya!

To cut to the chase, just go to the Sounds Archive page. Otherwise, here's what I've added. First up, ALL of my YouTube cartoons are now yours to enjoy in their original .avi format:

~ Animal Department Store - full .avi file 8.7M

~ Big Fight - full .avi file 4.7M

~ Bones - full .avi file 5M

~ Bowling Subtraction - full .avi file 7.5M

~ Bubble Gum Math - full .avi file 5M

~ E for Elephant - full .avi file 1M

~ Eleven Morning - full .avi file 9.7M

~ F For Flea Circus - full .avi file 7.8M

~ Funny Farm - full .avi file 3.8M - w/the cartoon fiddler

~ Gorilla Employment Agency - full .avi file 5.4M

~ Gorilla Scratch - full .avi file 3M

~ Hair (Some, More, Most) - full .avi file 2M

~ Help - full .avi file 8.8M

~ Imagination - full .avi file 5M

~ In With The In Crowd - full .avi file 19M

~ Ink - full .avi file 1.5M

~ The J Song - full .avi file 8M

~ Jake the Snake Body Parts - full .avi file 5M

~ K for Kangaroo - full .avi file 1M

~ King Minus - full .avi file 11M

~ Leap Spring - full .avi file 5.5M

~ Letter H - full .avi file 1.7M

~ Letter N - full .avi file 1.8M

~ Letter Q - full .avi file 1.6M

~ Letter T - full .avi file 1.4M

~ Letter Mix-Up - Oink - full .avi file 6M

~ Light Bulb Math - full .avi file 2.7M

~ The Little Old Lady Who Lived In A Nine - full .avi file 7M

~ Longy and Shorty - Next To The Cactus - full .avi file 4.8M

~ Looking For The Letter Z - full .avi file 3.5M

~ Night Owl and Day Bird - full .avi file 8M

~ Peacock Math - full .avi file 5.2M

~ R is for Robber - full .avi file 4.4M

~ Rythmic Penguin - full .avi file 7M

~ Shapes - full .avi file 5M

~ Shapes Lineup - full .avi file 5M

~ Something's Missing - Frog and Dog - full .avi file 5M

~ Three Plus One - full .avi file 3M

~ Twenty Pickle Pie - full .avi file 10M

~ Wet and Dry - full .avi file 2M

~ Yakety Yak - full .avi file 5.4M

Ages ago, David Frangioso sent me these goodies:

~ G For Giggle - full .mpg file 6M

~ Kermit the Frog T-Shirt - skit where Kermit wants his name on a t-shirt. Sounds easy, but who knew Kermit The Gorf and Forg and Grof wanted shirts, too! Includes pics.

~ Letters vs. Numbers - skit where muppet kids split up by the letter or number on their shirt. Not quite as fair as it sounds! Includes pics.

And the marvelous Benson Myers loaded me up with these awesome additions:

~ The Baker - full .mp3 file Number 10 version, 2M

~ Bert's Blanket - full .mp3 file 4.8M

~ Bumble Ardy's Birthday Party (9) - full .mp3 file 5M

~ Danger's No Stranger w/How Now Brown and The Moo Wave - full .mp3 file 3.5M

~ Don Music Writes The Alphabet Song - full .mp3 file 6M

~ Ernie Counts Sheep - full .mp3 file 2.5M

~ Everybody Eats - full .mp3 file 4.5M

~ I'm An Aardvark And I'm Proud - full .mp3 file 1M

~ It's A Long, Hard Climb - full .mp3 file 1.3M

~ La La La - full .mp3 file 1.7M

~ A Loaf Of Bread (classic cartoon) - full .mp3 file 1.6M

~ Nancy The Nanny Goat - full .mp3 file 2.4M

~ Near and Far w/Grover - full .mp3 file 5.5M

~ The Opera Singing Orange - full .mp3 file 4.7M

~ Russian Nesting Dolls (instrumental) - full .mp3 file 1.8M

~ Steady Freddy (previously known as "My Friend Freddy") from The Electric Company - full .mp3 file 1.5M

~ The Twelve Days Of Christmas - full .mp3 file 4M (Muppets version)

~ When You're A Kangaroo w/Joe Raposo - full .mp3 file 2.5M

~ Willie Wimple - 1 (Boating) - full .mp3 file 2.8M

~ Willie Wimple - 2 (Walking) - full .mp3 file 1M

~ The Yo-Yo Master and The Lost Kid (classic cartoon) - full .mp3 file 3.7M

Panpan Ramirez broke out the boogie with these dynomite discofied tunes from "Sesame Street Fever":

~ C Is For Cookie - full .mp3 file 5.3M

~ Doin' The Pigeon - full .mp3 file 5.8M

~ Has Anybody Seen My Dog? - full .mp3 file 4.3M

~ Rubber Duckie - full .mp3 file 4M

~ Sesame Street Fever - full .mp3 file 5M

~ Trash - full .mp3 file 4M - w/Robin Gibb

And Nonpareil lives up to the handle with these treasures:

~ Count It Higher - full .mp3 file 2M

~ Fixin' My Hair - full .mp3 file 1.4M

~ Furry Happy Monsters w/R.E.M. - full .mp3 file 3.2M

~ Jellyman Kelly by James Taylor - full .mp3 file 1.8M

~ No Matter What - full .mp3 file 1.7M

~ The Word Is No - full .mp3 file 1.7M

And, last, but by NO means least, most recently, Nanto answered my request for the delightful You're My Baby with a full .avi file 14M.

And sawing14s answered a long held request here at the archive, the great clip with a boy in a wheelchair that I've called I Have A Chair with the full .avi file 10M. I can't begin to thank either of you enough, you've made so many people giddy with joy, including me! :-)

~ That should hold you until Part Two. After all that, only the two new transcripts, so the total stands at 821 songs and skits transcribed on the good old archive. We're shootin' for that magical number, kids, just hang in there a tad longer!

On a related note, I've started a blog, Tiny Dancer's Pirouettes. Pretty new, not updated daily, and not always Sesame Street or Muppet related, but you might enjoy it.

While I cleaned up the rest of the files, I also updated the .mp3 files on The Four Ways site, in case you're curious.

FYI: I'll be away from my computer next week (May 21-26) as we visit my Mum and house-sit while she's away. I'll be able to access email, but YouTube and updating anything will be a problem (my Mum's out in the boonies and only gets a slow dial-up, verrrrrry slow when you're used to high speed!).

Finally, just to make your trip today even more worthwhile, I'll wrap up with my favorite new vid on YouTube, the long lost Twin Beaks, great parody of the cult TV show, "Twin Peaks", and fantastic quality considering how rare a find it is. Way to go, Guille!

OTHER AND OLDER STUFF: As you probably know, I have a Channel on YouTube.com as TinyDancer500. You should find all you need from that link, just make sure you don't miss the Playlists as I'm constantly updating them.

On another important You Tube note, I've found a very helpful site for saving the clips to your computer, KeepVid. It works with Google Video and You Tube among others and saves the file in .FLV format (there's a free player you can download at the link). I've loaded in a whole bunch for my son and they're working great!

In a nutshell, go to KeepVid, open up You Tube (or wherever the video is you want to keep) in a seperate window, find the exact url for the video (where it says "Email or link it") and copy and paste it into the box on KeepVid. When you click "Download", another link will appear underneath the searchbox. Right-click and choose a name for your file, save it in .flv format and you're done. I've had some take longer than others, but I think it's just a case of excess web traffic at the time. Try again later if it slows down to a snail's pace.

ball.gif April 2006 - May 2007 - Took a break, gathered my wits, had my wisdom teeth yanked, played a bit of Diner Dash.

ball.gif April 2006 - The lyrics archive celebrated 10 years online, woohoo!

ball.gif July 2005 - April 2006 - Added numerous goodies to the Sesame Street Lyrics Archive, the Sesame Street Sounds Archive and the Sounds Of The 70s page. And major upgrades on the Sesame Street albums listing pages.

ball.gif July 26, 2005 - The debut of The Four Ways online. This was the Juno Award nominated band fronted by my parents in the '60s and '70s. I've included many great pics from the past and some choice sound files in .mp3 format. Hope you enjoy this little flash from the past. Here's a taste, if you're interested:

Four Ways Of Love (3M) (lead vocals, my Mum)

The Shelter Of Your Eyes (2.5M) (lead vocals, my Mum backing herself, lovely)

Court Of King Caractacus (2.5M) (lead vocals, my Dad)

(From an old update back in September 2001, right after the terrorist attacks)

~ On The Jim Henson Company site, they featured this stirring image of Sam the Eagle (click for a larger version you may wish to reformat for use as wallpaper):

Sam the Eagle from The Jim Henson Company

The following links are due to the many requests I receive for sheet music.

First up, you can buy the classic "The Sesame Street Songbook" from Amazon.com:

The Sesame Street Songbook

Otherwise these sites all have the above and/or other songbooks and sheet music for sale. I am in NO way connected to any of them, just so you know. I'm led to believe they're reliable, please let me know if you find otherwise. Just try searching for "Sesame Street" in their various search boxes.

~ Music Notes.com
~ Sheet Music Plus
~ Piano Puppy.Com

Other than "The Sesame Street Songbook", here are some other songbooks to look for.

"Favorite Songs From Jim Henson's Muppets" includes:

"C" Is For Cookie
Mahna Mahna
Rubber Duckie

The "Joe Raposo Songbook" includes:

Bein' Green
"C" Is For Cookie
Sesame Street Theme
Somebody Come And Play

"Songs For Kids" includes:

The Grouch Song
Mahna Mahna
The Rainbow Connection
Rubber Duckie
Sesame Street Theme

"The Really Big Book Of Children's Songs" includes:

The Grouch Song
Mahna Mahna
One Small Voice
Sesame Street Theme

"Ultimate Children's Songbook" includes:

The Grouch Song
Mahna Mahna
"The Muppet Show Theme"
One Small Voice
The Rainbow Connection
Sesame Street Theme

"Swing Dance Party - 12 Fun Hits" includes:

Mahna Mahna

ball.gif April '96 - October 2005 - Awards came pouring in, people wrote with requests, lyrics and praise. Lots of stuff added, taken away, cleaned up, replaced when stolen by The Man, blah, blah, blah.

ball.gif Oct 7, 2000 - Debut of It Seems Like Only Yesterday, the website for the alt.culture.us.1970s newsgroup.

ball.gif April 1996 - The birth of Sesame Street Lyrics Archive with about 25 songs, much rejoicing all-round!

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