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Suite 101's X-Files Editor, C. Wayman Hearn's review:

"Simple in presentation, fast loading and easy to navigate, this page is a one stop source for X-files episode information. Gain new insight into your favorite episodes with TD's witty and entertaining writing style and find all the trivia information on the casts, writers and directors for each information that you are looking for. You'll also find sound files, X-isms and much more."

Witty and entertaining, yet! Too bad you're already married, Wayman ;-)

The Sydney Morning Herald featured both Daniel Wood's site, The Ultimate X-Files Information Complex and my own in a short list of the best X-Files and sci-fi sites on the web. Here's the blurb:

The Ultimate X-Files Information Complex. When I say this site features everything, I mean it features everything. It's fully searchable and is updated regularly. Far superior to the official site, it is the best X-Files site on the Web.
Tiny Dancer's X-Files Episode Guide is second only to the previously listed site and is basically just an episode guide with all of Tiny's thoughts and notes on the episodes.

Hey, and we were both listed above The Official Site, how's that for cool?!

The Sunday Telegraph (Australia) gave my Scripts and Transcripts Page a 4 star (out of 5!) rating:

"One of the better X-Files sites around - and, let's be frank, there seems to be no shortage of them. Tiny Dancer's site features details of the travelling X-Files expo, transcripts of episodes, scripts penned by fans and - here's the best bit, considering Australia is six months behind the US - current season spoilers. The transcripts on the site are probably its best asset, ranging from early episodes such as the Pilot, Deep Throat, Squeeze, Conduit, Space and Fallen Angel, to more recent episodes such as Christmas Carol, Emily and Bad Blood."

The X-Paper

Cindy B.H. of The X-Paper offers this lovely review:

In Tiny Dancer's own words, "You won't find any snazzy graphics here, no pictures of the cast. . . just simply all the written info you could need on each and every episode of my favorite show."

If you want to know more details about an episode than just the synopsis, want to find quotes, are a newbie who has lots of questions, or want a good source for links, go to:

I may have discovered Tiny Dancer's X-Files Episode Guide through a Sesame Street link, but once there, I never went back. I have watched the X-Files from the beginning, but wasn't a heavy duty "Internetter" of X-Files sites until last year. gave me the synopses of shows, but TD's site gave me the dialogue I wanted to remember in her transcripts section, as well as new links to try.

Here you find that there are a lot of X-Philes with a lot of time on their hands, who are highly interested in the X-Files and can wordprocess fast and accurate. The site is updated often and has a funny Drinking Game guide (for any beverage).

WARNING: The site has outboard links to mature fanfic.

Yahoo! Internet Life gave me my first official review way back in September '96 in their column "Touched By The Net":

"She calls herself Tiny Dancer; Rhonda (last name deleted for stalker purposes!) of Toronto has been doing figurative pirouettes with her computer. At her site, she highlights colorful artwork by her son, an autistic child named Riel. 'Face, Cookies, Tree, Family,' are four colorful pieces. Besides these masterpieces, Rhonda provides a link to information on autism, and then she takes you on a tour of her personal favorites, which range from baseball to movie stars to musicians and the ubiquitous Web topic, the 'X-Files.' Once you are done with the exhaustive links and commentary, you'll feel like Rhonda is an old friend."

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