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Me in 1985

Well, thank you for caring, my unseen cyberpal!

If you're reading this, then you must be either curious or bored to tears.

I'll take either ...

As I've mentioned on my front page, I was born in Sydney, Australia way back when in 1964 (May 29th to be exact) and for the first part of my life travelled extensively with my parents who were musicians in a band called The Four Ways. About the only places left on my list to see are Africa and Antarctica, I've covered at least part of everywhere else. I just wish I could do it all again now, I'd appreciate it so much more. At the time, as an only child, I lived in the relative lap of luxury and airports became a second home to me. Now, heck, I'd be thrilled to get down to Buffalo for the weekend! I really do miss this segment of my life (can you tell?).

Me and Rolf Harris

This is a much younger version of myself hugging Aussie megasuperstar, Rolf Harris after a concert at Vancouver's Massey Hall. I treasure this one even though it has faded with time. Rolf and my mother were good friends when she was a solo act, before my time (or my father's for that matter). Dig the groovy purse on my shoulder! It probably doesn't come through very well, but an assortment of different colored leather patches make up the image of the lion.

Snow Kangaroo

This picture was taken sometime in the late 60's, early 70's, in Manchester, England. My parents are flanking the Snow Kangaroo they all built with the drummer, Kenny, on the far left and the guitarist, Lenny, on the right. These two members changed a few times over the years, but my parents were always at the core. The band released one album and a few singles, including the top ten smash (in Newfoundland anyway!), "The Four Ways Of Love". As I'm always more than pleased to tell people, this album, "Gettin' Around", was nominated for a Juno Award, Canada's version of a Grammy. We lost to The Mercey Brothers, a popular Canadian country band. But the experience of sitting at the Junos next to Charlie Pride is a memory my father will never forget.

In 1975, we landed in St. John's, Newfoundland, where we finally disbanded the group. A few years ago my Dad moved to Australia and I live here in Toronto with my Mum. Well, on my own (with my son) actually, she's just down the road. I'm not employed right now, due to my son being autistic and quite the handful, but in the past I've done everything from waitressing to jewellry making to running a record store and manning the mailroom at a huge corporate office. Just can't manage to hold down a job I guess!

Me and my Bud

Since arriving in Toronto back in 1979, my life has really turned upside down and inside out (see the above ref to my son ) but I get through it all with a healthy sense of humor and a certain joie de vivre which comes from goodness-only-knows-where! Depressed? Sometimes, yes, but don't we all get down in the dumps? Lonely? Not often, due to my earlier life I've learned to live alone just fine. And yes, I know I have a son, but believe me, it's often the same as being alone (ask any parent of an autistic child).

When I am allowed out of the house, I love going to the Skydome (now the Rogers Centre) to see my beloved Toronto Blue Jays . I've been a fan for years and literally cried like a baby when we won the first of our two World Series.

I can also be found at my local watering hole, Carlos Murphy's (now a Gabby's), where I enjoy playing the Trivia game on the NTN Network as Tiny D (look out, I'm heading for the Network Rankings!)

My daily reading begins with The Toronto Sun (This links you to Canoe, the web home of the Sun, Maclean's and Jam! Showbiz among others) and usually ends with Clive Barker or Dean Koontz. And like most parents, I treat the kid to McDonald's now and then.

Here are some other interests of mine.

Me and George, Niagara Falls 2002


You'll be pleased to know I'm no longer alone! :-) Met George, the love of my life, back in 2002 at the above mentioned watering hole (we were both playing trivia). We're now engaged and have been living in sin for a year or so, what's the rush? Just thought you'd like to know, carry on!

music line
Canadian flag Let's start with some of the talented Canadians you can visit on the web. I've sorted through many sites to find you ones that I find easy to glide around and that also include lyrics (a must for me). You may even find something new to enjoy here.

~ Bruce Guthro - Had a big hit recently with his soulful ballad "Falling", one of many more to come, I'm sure.

~ Barenaked Ladies - No nudity here, sorry! Just a great group of guys who crank out some well written tunes.

~ Holly Cole - One of my fave ladies, she sings jazz in her own unique style. Easy on the eyes too!

~ Bruce Cockburn - Classic stuff this guy.

~ Leonard Cohen - How can you not like Leonard? He's a God here in Canada.

~ Moxy Fruvous - Another group of talented guys with really witty lyrics and a good reggae/folk sound.

~ The Pursuit Of Happiness - Rocking and intelligent lyrics make these guys an old fave.

~ The Tragically Hip - Will be taking over the planet soon if there really IS a God!

~ 54-40 - Hootie and The Blowfish had success with "I Go Blind" which originally came from this group. A personal fave with a great rock sound and a lead singer with one of those classic voices.

~ Alanis Morissette - Hotter than a pistol right now and great grunge-type music with hard hitting lyrics. Also see her official site

~ Jann Arden - Start your journey into the world of this lovely woman's music and life right here.

Now some others I enjoy. Again, all these sites include lyrics for, if not all, then most of the artists songs.

~ Elton John - If you know anything about Elton you'll recognize my handle as one of his classic songs from the '70's. This is my main guy, no question. He was there for every high or low of my childhood and is still there for me now. Also see his official site for up-to-date news and goodies.

~ Kate Bush - One of the most talented women in the biz (and a babe, if that helps you go there!), she is constantly playing at my house. Don't miss her new official site, she's back after 12 years with "Aerial", woohoo!

~ Melissa Etheridge - Rocking and raunchy and "out" there ... adore her myself and her music is great for helping me deal with some of my "moods"

~ Simon and Garfunkel - Classic stuff and still found on my CD and record players

~ Chris Rea - Intelligent and soulful rock/pop artist with one of my all-time fave albums "Road To Hell" constantly in the background at home

~ Harry Chapin - I'm a big fan of this marvelous human who was taken from us way too soon. Also see the lovely site The Chapin Family put together for him.

~ The Who - One of the all-time classic rock and roll bands. My only regret is that I never saw them perform with Keith Moon. But I have seen them live and they blow away all other bands on stage, IMHO.

~ Bruce Springsteen - Broooooce! Every single official records' lyrics are here among other wonderful things.

~ Marc Cohn - Excellent songwriter and musician I enjoy. Cher had a huge hit with his song, "Walking In Memphis".

Movies and Actors
animated clapperI'm an entertainment junkie, what can I say? If I had one dream come true in my life it would be to act either on the stage or screen. I admire people that can take me to another world and make me give a damn about these pretend people's lives. And, yes, some of the following are pretty darn good-looking people too (is that a crime?) but I do enjoy watching them work regardless of this "handicap" ...

~ Mel Gibson - Mmmmmel ... love this guy, and I know he's happily married, just leave me with my dreams will ya?!

~ Marilyn Monroe - One of the all-time goddesses of the silver screen, she's all over my walls and even on my screen saver. Also see The Marilyn Pages

~ Humphrey Bogart - "Casablanca" has long been my fave movie of all time and they don't get much better than Bogie. Nor do they get much better than this loving tribute (one of very few out there).

~ Nicolas Cage - I've been a fan since "Valley Girl" and was tickled pink when he won the Oscar for "Leaving Las Vegas". Not classically handsome maybe, but sexy IMHO, and a terrific actor.

~ Jamie Lee Curtis - One of Hollywood's most under-rated actresses, I think, and so does this person. And a babe to boot!

~ Daniel Day-Lewis - Excuse me a moment ... HUBBA HUBBA!! ... thank you. Great actor and a hunk and a half, need I say more?

~ Ralph Fiennes - Another good looking bloke who just happens to be darn talented too. Lucky guy.

~ Jodie Foster - This is one of the more extensive pages of any kind I've found. Lots of images too, which is exactly what you're probably looking for on Jodie. I happen to adore her and revel in anything I can find on this fab actress.

~ Kevin Spacey - Knocks my socks off period, Kevin's a fantastic actor and he couldn't ask for a better representation on the web than this site.

~ Malcolm Gets - Not technically a movie actor I know, so sue me, I think he's great. He used to play Richard on "Caroline In The City" and this will link you to a small page concerning his stage work. The link back to the main page doesn't work and I could find NO other pages for him.

~ Dustin Hoffman - Probably hands down my fave actor, period. I will watch just about anything he's in and he usually shines above anyone else on the screen with him. Another fave movie I will watch over and over and again is The Graduate.

That's me in a nutshell I guess. Hope you've found something to interest you here, if not, try my other pages. And do come back, the others will be changing often, this one will probably stay as it is save for the odd link or two added. Bye for now.

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