1976, Age 16, Caught in the act!
Here I am with my tape recorder used in recording so many crank phone calls. I made Watergate look like child's play!


1980, Age 20
Posing with my dream girl, Olivia Newton-John, even if she is just on the cover of People magazine.


1996, age 36
Celebrating a co-worker's birthday. Contrary to popular belief, no alcohol had been consumed here.

Favorite 70s Singer:

- Olivia Newton-John (duh!)

- Billy Joel

- Elton John
(see also The Illustrated Elton John Discography and Cornflakes & Classics)

Favorite 70s Group:

- Boston

- The Eagles

- The Carpenters
(see also The Carpenters)

- Queen
(see also Queen Network)

Favorite 70s Food:

- Original Pringles

Favorite 70s Book:

- Crime & Punishment

Favorite 70s-related Quote:

Our school counsellor was named Mrs. Kelly. So, whenever anyone said anything or did anything stupid that we felt merited counselling we'd yell "See Kelly!"

Favorite 70's TV Shows:

- Dallas

- Three's Company

- Happy Days
(see also Mad Magazine cover parody)

- The Beverly Hillbillies

- Bewitched

Favorite 70s Movies:

- Grease
(see also Grease sound files (.wav) and Mad Magazine cover parody)

- The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Favorite Things To Do In The 70s:

Pound laps up & down Main Street, ride my bike, hang out at the swimming pool, Haunted House Hunting, make and record crank telephone calls.

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