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This site is dedicated to the avid Troika Games fan.Think of this site as a gateway to all things Troika. It is the first fan site of its kind; offering a place were Troika fans can interact, express ideas, show off their art, fan fiction and humor or just rant and rave. It is also the only fan site which provides up to the minute behind the scenes info about everything Troika. We here at The Troika Connection hope you enjoy your stay.

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August 26, 2001:

TTC has moved to GameStats!:

I appologize for the severe lack of updates, but I have had trouble with the site building program I have been using. Anyway, this site has recieved proffesional free hosting from GameStats a few weeks ago and, thus, has moved! The all new Troika Connection has greatly a vastly improved design, layout and interface! Please visit us at as well as our sister site, The new site is fully functional, however I am still in the process of transfering content. Therefore, this site will remain open until the move is fully completed. Sorry for any confussion.
---Lord Davidian---

August 3, 2001:

Another Troika-ite gets their own page:

Did you guess who it would be this time? If you guessed're wrong. Maybe Next time. This time around it is Chad Moore! Click on his handsome B&W portrait on the About Troika page to learn more about the big guy.
---Lord Davidian---

August 2, 2001:

You can pre-order Arcanum direct from Sierra NOW!:

It was announced yesterday that Sierra is accepting pre-orders of Arcanum. Pre-ordering Arcanum direct from Sierra not only insures that you get the game 3 days earlier than the stores will, it also helps Troika by giving them an idea of how well the game will sell. Don't delay, pre-order your copy (or copies) of Arcanum NOW! Visit Sierra: Arcanum to learn more.
---Lord Davidian---

Expect to see more wacky writing from Tiffany Chu:

Yesterday I E-mailed Tiffany Chu (A.K.A. ChuBaka) of Troika Games telling her how much I thoroughly enjoyed reading her recent chapter submission for the ongoing Troika Fan Fiction entitled "Troika: Of Personalities And Situations Obscura". I also asked her to please write more and to please convince the rest of the Troika team to contribute to the story's continuation. She responded in kind almost immediately saying that she would be happy to start the next chapter as soon as she gets back from Boston in four days. Thanks Chu! I can't wait to read more! No word yet on wether anyone else from Troika will contribute, but I'm willing to bet they will eventually.
---Lord Davidian---

August 1, 2001:

An update on the awaited hosting of TTC by GameStats:

I have confirmation that TTC will indeed been accepted into the GameStats web site community on one condition: TTC must have a complete design "overhaul" which must be completed by September 3rd. With the aid of Tonurics (a very talented computer graphics artist who helped design Tarant Daily's layout), I am certain that we will have TTC's new layout finished well before the deadline.
---Lord Davidian---

Tiffany Chu continues the misadventures of the Troika team:

One of the lovely and talented new additions to the Troika team, Tiffany Chu (A.K.A. Chubaka), has finished the long-awaited first chapter of the on-going Troika fan fiction called "Troika: Of Personalities And Situations Obscura". Take a walk on the humorous side of Troika and enjoy the ride. Thanks for making us laugh Tiff.
---Lord Davidian---

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