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Writing for College

                  TIP #1: Use your university's writing center!
                  TIP #2: Ask your instructor which documentation form to use:
                             MLA (Modern Language Association)- Humanities, Art, Languages
                             APA (American Psychological Association)- Social Sciences; Science
                             CMS (Chicago Manual of Style)- History
                             CSE (Council of Science Editors)-Science

College Instructor Guidelines

UT History Paper Guidelines

UT Gov 312 Paper Guidelines

UT Grading Guidelines History

UT BDP Guidelines

College Writing Assignments

UTPA Rhetoric

UTPA Eng 4317 Film Exam 1

UTPA Eng 4317 Film Exam 2

UTPA Comm 4103

UT Sociology 379 Theories

UT Sociology 336 Reaction Paper

UT Rhetoric 306 Essay 1

UT Rhetoric 306 Essay 2

UT Psychology 418

UT Philosophy 301 In-Class Esam

UT Philosophy 301 2nd Assignment

UT Musical Ethnography

UT History of Religions

UT Gov 310 Exam Essay Questions

UT Bio Formal Lab Report

Texas Tech Mech Engineering

TAMU Forensic Sci Zombie Short Story Rubric

TAMU Review of Scientific Discipline

TAMU For. Science vs Non-For. Sci

TAMU Forensic Entomology Scientific Article Review Rubric

TAMU Forensic Science 436 Field Comparisons

ST EDS Post Colonial Lit Writing Critical Essays

[see paper here]

ST EDS American Experience Roots Paper

ST EDS Rhetoric Comp 2 Paper Instructions

ST EDS Literature Philosophy Weekly Essay Instructions

ST EDS Biology Research Paper Instructions

LINDENWOOD U Research Paper

LINDENWOOD U Reaction Paper

Types of Papers

Writing the Academic Paper (Dartmouth)

Overview of college paper types (youtube)

What is a REACTION paper?

What is an ARGUMENTATIVE essay?

What is a COMPARE / CONTRAST essay?

Writing the History Paper

Writing the Philosophy Paper

Writing the Psychology Paper

Writing the English Paper

Research Resources

Diana Hacker: General Research

MLA Overview

APA Overview

Chicago Manual of Style Overview


Basic Research Overview

Writing Thesis Statements

Basic Research Process

Avoiding Plagiarism

Using Quotations

Writing Openings

Writing Middles

Writing Closings

Example Papers

"The Effect of Calling Songs on the Female Acheta domesticus" by I. Madrigal (APA style)

"Coccidioidomycosis" Research Paper by C. Mendoza (APA style)

"The Effect of Average and Attractive Same-Sex Images on Men and Womens Self-Esteem" by I, Madrigal (APA style)

"Feminizing Male Characters in Juno and the Paycock" by C. Mendoza (MLA style)

"Position Paper 1- Ozymandias " by C. Mendoza (MLA style)

"Here to Stay: Immigarnts in the American Workforce" by C. Mendoza (MLA style)

"A Dreamer in the Fields: A family history of a migrant farm worker family in America" by C. Mendoza (MLA style)