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Poetry Archive

Poetry Daily

Academy of American Poets


Shakespeare's Sonnets

Explore Modern Poetry

Poems for Every Occasion

Famous Poets and Poems

Classic Poetry Aloud

Favorite Poem Project (video)

Forms and Techniques of Poetry (with examples)

"Teaching Poetry" by Eleanor Cook

About Meter:

How to Scan a Poem for Meter (Scansion)

Examples of Common Metrical Feet

Poems to Experience:

"Strings" by Dan Waber (Flash calligrammes- very cool)

About Poets:

Emily Dickinson

Morbid but interesting... Poet's graves

Fun With Poetry:

Create Magnetic Poetry Online

Common Types of Poetry

Understanding English and Italian Sonnets

"Basic Sonnet Forms" at Sonnet Central

"Poetic Forms and Techniques" at The Academy of American Poets

Sample Poems by Form at

"Glossary of Literary Terms" at Bob's Byway

"A Literate Vocabulary" at Dr. Wheeler's Website

"Sonnets" at Dr. Wheeler's Website

Poetic Terms at the Univeristy of Pennsylvania

Poetry Terms at the University of South Dakota

Analyzing Poetry:

So You Want to Analyze a Poem?

"How to Read a Poem": Ideas

Poetic Elements:

Blank Verse

Tropes and Schemes

Help for Writing Poetry:

Rhyming Dictionary

Rhyme Finder