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Beowulf Pronunciation

Pronunciation Guide
                  Accent always falls on first syllable; make the h before r and n a 
                  strongly-breathed sound; ch in the pronunciation equivalent indicates 
                  the sound of ch in Bach or Scottish loch.  The sounds indicated by -aya-
                  and -ayo- are single syllables, somewhat like the vowel-sounds in 
                  "yeah" and "hail."  For a pronunciation guide to a short passage at the 
                  beginning of the poem, see Hieatt 140-42.
OE NAME Pronounced: OE NAME Pronounced:
Ælfhere alf hair uh Hronesnes hron us ness
Æschere ash hair uh Hrothgar hroth gar
Beanstan bayan stahn Hygelac hee yuh lahk
Dæghrefn  day hreven Nægling nail ing
Eadgils ayad gils (hard g) Ohthere ocht hair uh
Eanmund ayan mund  Ongentheow on gen thayo (hard g) 
Earnaness er nuh ness Scefing shay ving
Ecgtheow edge thayo scop  shope
Eofor  ayo ver Scyld shild
Freawaru fraya wah roo Wealhtheow walch thayo
Geat gayat Weohstan wech stahn
Hæthcyn hath kin Wiglaf wee lahf
Healfdene half day nuh (pronounce the l)
Heardred  har dred
Heorogar hair uh gar
Heorot hair ut
Herebeald hair uh bald 
Heremod  hair uh mode
Hildeburh hil duh burch
Hnæf hnaff
Hoc hoke
Hreosnabeorh hrayos nuh bairch