Mintage: 81,507 Proof: 1?(Small Date 18,623 Large Date 62,884)

Type: 4c, 4'c

Recommended Grade: XF45

The mintages are taken from Breen's Encyclopedia. However, they are probably incorrect, as the Large Date appears to be only slightly more common than the Small Date, based on auction data and Coin World Trends.

A Small Date proof exists in the Smithsonian's collection.

Auction results for 1842 LargeDate

Grade Result Date Result Date Result Date
45$400P8/97 $421P8/96

Auction results for 1842 SmallDate

Grade Result Date Result Date Result Date
40$474P5/98 $501P11/97 $358P10/97
45$495N1/98 $418N2/97

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