Mintage: 118,700 Proof: 1

Type: 4'c

Recommended Grade: XF45

There is a rare variety of the 1844-O eagle that has a sharply repunched mintmark.

A single proof specimen exists. It appeared in the 1911 auction of the William Woodin collection, then remained untraced for decades. It was re-discovered in 1995 by Texas dealer Mike Brownlee. It showed up in an April 1998 pricelist by Eagle Numismatics of Humble, TX. Their asking price: $1.75 million. Sigh. It was in a PCGS PR64 holder.

Auction results for 1844O

Grade Result Date Result Date Result Date
30$253P12/97 $274A3/97 $295A2/97
45$275A7/97 $230A6/97 $578P2/97
50$3520P5/98 $896P9/97

Auction results for 1844O O/O

Grade Result Date Result Date Result Date

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