Mintage: 862,258 Proof: ?

Images (Courtesy of Teletrade)


Type: 4'c, 5c

Recommended Grade: XF45

The 1847 Liberty Eagle has the highest mintage of any No Motto Eagle, perhaps due to the need to pay soldiers fighting in the Mexican-American war. In fact, more 1847-dated Eagles were produced (also counting the 1847-O Eagles) than the entire mintage of the denomination from 1795 through 1846.

As can be seen from the auction results, it is readily available in grades below Choice AU, and, although rare, can be obtained in uncirculated condition, unlike many earlier dates of the series.

There are two significant varieties for the 1847 Eagle, the 'rounded bun' and 'bulging bun'. Liberty's hair is bound by strings of beads. There are three folds, or buns. The middle bun is either rounded or bulging, hence the variety name.

Both bun varieties for the 1847 Eagle are found with and without a reverse centerpunch, located in the eagle's shield, just below the junction of horizontal and vertical stripes. The with-punch versions are likely more rare.

Two different date logotypes exist. The '7' is thick and crude in the "heavy 7" variety. The other logotype Breen labels 'thin numerals'. The 'thick 7' logotype was also used on the 1847-O Eagle, demonstrating that it is not a damaged die but a separate logotype.

Auction results for 1847

Grade Result Date Result Date Result Date
35$253P12/96 $263P11/96
40$253N10/97 $242N8/97 $253N4/97
45$253P11/97 $263P9/97 $308A2/97
50$358N1/98 $400N6/97 $414N3/97
53$632P5/98 $429N4/97
55$553N6/98 $632P10/97
58$1210P8/96 $990P8/96 $870P6/96

Auction results for 1847 Breen-6879

Grade Result Date Result Date Result Date

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