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Welcome to my page on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Eventually I hope this will be among the most comprehensive Buffy Sites on the Internet. So far you can find my pages on each character, but eventually I will have pages up with information on guest characters (ie one-time appearences), the actors, and specific episodes. I also plan to add tons of images, sounds and clips, as well as transcripts, fan fiction and other things of interest. I am also creating a massive links page which will contain links all sites on the Internet with significant content, broken down into helpful categories. This page is at it's sparsest right now, but I wanted to get it online and I'll be updating it constantly. For now, please look around and email me with any comments, suggestions or links at

Last Updated: Additions
July 19, 1998Added information on General Buffy mechandise and how to write to the cast.
July 15, 1998 Added Buffy and Angel page, Comic page, Video page and and additional fanfic.
May 18, 1998Site initially uploaded.

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