This is just a few views of the many bowls filling my living room gallery.



Shelves full of bowls.


From left to right on the table: elm, walnut, cherry on an oak box, walnut burl, Hollywood juniper, fruitless mulberry. The table is made of walnut.



The bowls, from left to right, are: walnut burl, sycamore, orange, walnut burl, maple with wenge feet.

This table, a bookmatch of the other walnut table, above, is titled "Boston Tea Party". The surface is covered with termite holes filled with black epoxy, which looks a lot like tea floating in turbulent water. One very prominent grain pattern is in the shape of a teaspoon, with a black silhouette resembling a mirror image of England in the center. The tabletop is shaped with very boat-like lines, and the spindles are reminiscent of masts and spars.

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