Making Wooden Icehouse Pieces

This a jig I created to make Icehouse game pieces. The design can be modified to cut pyramids of any size or shape.

The pieces created with this jig will differ ever-so-slightly from the regulation piece sizes, but the difference is so slight that you'd have a hard time measuring it with a ruler. The 1-pointers will be .010" too short and the 3-pointers will be .010" too long. This is because the regulation pieces are all slightly different base-to-side ratios, while this jig makes pieces with exactly the same angle for all size pyramids.



To use the jig, first cut strips of wood or other material to 1.25 x 2" and sufficient length to make your pieces, and cut the angle of 74.141 degrees. This face you just cut will be the first side of all your pyramids, and the adjoining surface will be the base of all your pyramids. Next, clamp the jig to the bandsaw as described in the picture, and place your strips in the jig on the 74 degree angled face. Cut the end of your strip using the jig. The face on the end of the strip of wood will be the second side of your first pyramid. Proceed to cut off pieces from your long strips that are big enough for the icehouse pieces. For example, for a 3-point piece, extend the strip of wood at least 1" plus the width of the saw blade and cut along the line indicated. This cut removes the first pyramid-to-be from the strip while creating the second face for the next pyramid to be cut from the strip. Take each piece in turn and place the most recently cut side on the jig with the other angled side aligned with one of the 3 scribe lines (at this point you can clamp another scrap of wood to the jig at the scribe line to make each pyramid identical). Be very careful, as the distance between the blade and your fingers is too close for comfort if you hold the pyramid with your finger. It is better to use another piece of scrap wood to hold the piece down. Repeat this step 2x for each piece and they are ready for sanding and finishing.

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