Multiaxis turning

Here are some pictures of my finished multiaxis pieces. This is my latest, a 3-headed monster from the Frankenstein series.



"Whoville" 17" x 18" x 15"h, from one monolithic stump section.



This one is a walnut burl that I thought would just be a bowl with legs, but it kind of morphed into a spaceship somehow. 10.5" high x 14" wide x 16" long




Reentry heating damage




Multipurpose laser device: propulsion, comm and weapon




This next one I kept putting on the lathe and making new dishes until there just wasn't any room left. 12" h x 16.5 w



This is a manzanita burl. 5hx12d




Finally, the hollow form shown in progress on the woodturning page. 14"x14"






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