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Not Without Honour -The John W. Blake Story-

John W. Blake
Canadian Vietnam Veteran
who the Canadian Government will not allow
to be laid to rest in a Field of Honor.
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Canadian Government Involvement In Vietnam

Canadian Involvement In The Vietnam War
Canada played a much different role in the war than the people in Ottawa would like us to believe.  Click on the parliament buildings to learn some interesting facts. This is a link EV13 for more information

Sign our Special Guestbook

Sign Our Special Guestbook
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Canadian POW/MIA's

Canadian POW's and MIA's
Click on the image to view
a list of Canadian soldiers
listed as Missing in Action during the Vietnam War

Picture of the Purple Heart Monument

Canadian Casualties
Click on the picture to view a list of
the Canadians who died in the Vietnam War

Picture of the Medal of Honour

Peter Lemon
Peter Lemon is the only Canadian to receive
the Medal of Honour in the Vietnam War.

Go To Our Awards Page

Awards Page
Click on the image to go to our awards page

See Our Adopted POW/MIA

Adopted POW/MIA
Click the image to learn about our adopted POW/MIA

Michigan Association of Concerned Veterans

Micigan Association of Concerned Veterans
Click the image to go to the M.A.C.V. web site

Vietnam war Poems

Vietnam War Poems
Read poems written by family and friends, about Vietnam Vets

Canadian Vietnam Vet -Favourite Links-

Canadian Vietnam Vet's Favourite Links
There are links to other sites, organizations, and private individual web sites regarding, both the Vietnam War and Canadian Vietnam vets

Proud to be a Vietnam Vet -About Me-

My Personal Page
Find out more about me, your host.
Proud to be a Vietnam vet


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