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Jennifer Aquino

If you're a big fan of the TV series Twin Peaks you will have no trouble recognizing Jennifer Aquino. Aquino, of course, played Eolani Jocoby, wife of Dr Lawrence Jacoby (Russ Tamblyn) in the Lynch/Frost series. Besides theatre work she has also appeared on various other series including "City of Angels", "Jag", "Weird Science" and the soapie "Port Charles. Now, Jennifer is starring in a couple of new movies, one which is doing the festival route. I had the opportunity to talk to Jennifer recently about her experience and future endeavours.

"Twin Peaks" is still my favorite TV show. How did you get the role of Eolani Jacoby? It was actually my very first audition. My personal manager at the time got me an appointment with director Lesli Linka Glatter, who now directs various television shows, including ER. She directed me in “Twin Peaks.” They were looking for a Hawaiian female actor for the role of Dr. Jacoby’s wife and I was fortunate enough to be cast.

How was David Lynch? Unfortunately, I didn’t get to work with him.

Do you still see, or did you mix fondly with the cast of Twin Peaks? The cast of Twin Peaks was great. I got to work with Russ Tamblyn, Michael Ontkean, and Kyle MacLachlin. I had great conversations with Russ and Michael.Everyone was very friendly, but I haven’t personally seen them since working on the show.

Do you personally think there is any chance of "Twin Peaks" returning in some way or another. Another film? I don’t know about that. But I know that old episodes are currently re-airing and many fans are enjoying the reruns.

What's something that happened on the "Twin Peaks" set that a lot of people won't know? Well having had a dance background, I was honored to be working with Russ Tamblyn, who was Riff in “West Side Story.” And I didn’t know that director Lesli Linka Glatter used to be a dancer. So during a conversation with us, she just plopped herself down into the splits! She had great energy and was a lot of fun to work with! I look forward to working with her again.

Tell me about your more recent television work? I recently appeared on “City of Angels.” Some other shows I worked on were “JAG”, “Port Charles,” “Caroline in the City” to name a few. I also worked on an ABC pilot called “Honolulu CRU” with Lori Petty, Michael Rooker, and Russell Wong. That was a great two weeks of work in Hawaii.

You recently formed your own production company, Story is the Thing, how did that come about? Well, I’m interested in playing challenging roles in well- written projects. And I didn’t want to wait around to see if there was ever going to be a great role for me, so I decided to produce films where I had control of the work. I want to produce films about strong stories…where the story is the thing.

What is the first project you will do for the company? I am collaborating with another production company called Shimmering Lake Productions. We are now in pre-production for a feature film called “A Concerto for Claire” in which I will be playing the lead role.

You participated and won an award for your martial arts skills in the United Martial Arts world championships, do you see yourself doing a film utilizing these skills? maybe an action film? I would love to work in an action film. I think it would be so much fun.

Tell me about the independent movies you have coming out? “The Party Crashers,” directed by Phil Leirness, is about how four men who are out-of-work actors and embittered screenwriters, crash a Hollywood party to kidnap the daughter of a millionnaire publisher, and end up taking the whole party hostage. It stars John Saxon, Max Parrish, Peter Murnik, Burt Bulos, and Shawnee Smith. I have a supporting role where I play the celebrity figure skater at the party who gets taken hostage, but enjoys it. The film screened in various film festivals: Cannes Directors' Fortnight, Temecula, Valley International, Hawaii International, Cinequest in San Jose, to name a few. U.S.Theatrical release begins in September with San Francisco and San Jose. New York and Los Angeles to follow shortly thereafter. “Screenland Drive,” directed by Tom Bradford, is about how a struggling writer is torn between the girl he loves and the horror movie he is living. It stars Eddie McClintock, Kellie Waymire, and Eric Matheny. I originally auditioned for a much smaller role, but the director Tom enjoyed my work so much, that he offered me a much larger role-- the love interest of one of the leads. The film officially premiered in the ’99 Hollywood Film Festival, where it was picked up by Prescription Films. They took it to the American Film Market in Santa Monica earlier this year, then to Cannes, where they are in the process of selling it. They will be working the US angle this year for a video release.

Whats the best advice you could give to a budding actor? To always continue honing your craft and be persistent. For fun, I created a website with basic information about the acting industry. It’s pretty cool because I get thank you emails from all over the world.

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