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My one-of-a kind bunnies and teddy bears are soft, huggable, and hypoallergenic because they are filled with polyester fiberfill. They are made of all new materials and are washable either by hand or by machine on the delicate cycle at a low temperature for both the washer and dryer.
The bears and bunnies can all sit-up on their own because I designed them with flat bottoms. All but the bears with the button eyes are safe even for very young children because the features are all hand embroidered and, therefore, cannot be bitten off and swallowed.
The larger bears and bunnies are between 9 and 10 inches high.
The smaller ones are closer to 7 inches tall.
The bear pattern is available for free at this link.
For a free pattern for a Teddy Bear for Babies click here
Please click on the small pictures to see a larger picture and description.
Bunnies Light Bears White Bears Golden Bears
Bunnies Picture Light Bears Picture White Bears Picture Gold Bears Picture
Mixed Bears Brown Bears Button Bears
Mixed Bears Picture Brown Bears Picture Button Bears Picture

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