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Bay Area Resources 
for People with Hearing Loss

On this page are resources of particular interest to people with hearing loss in the San Francisco Bay Area. Please send a blank email to if you would like to be added to an email list that notifies you of special events in the San Francisco Bay Area which are accessible or otherwise of interest to people with hearing loss. If you are interested primarily in events for Deaf people, consider joining the Deaf California list; send a blank email to


Open-Captioned Movies

If interested in finding out about open-captioned movies in the Bay Area, please subscribe to the captioned-movies-bay-area list.  This has a web site at which is only visible, along with a calendar and archived messages, if you join eGroups itself, which is free.  Subscribe to the list by sending a blank email from your preferred email address to captioned-movies-bay-area-

Another method of receiving notifications is to contact Tripod at Let the contact person know the geographical area you're interested in with respect to open-captioned showings.

To be on the safe side, do try to doublecheck the status of movies before you leave to see them. There's always the chance that something unexpected has happened.


Here's a calendar which shows regul arly scheduled monthly events in the Bay Area. Check the web sites of the agencies below for events publicized on their own pages.


Organizations for People with Hearing Loss

DCARA (Deaf Counseling, Advocacy and Referral Agency) DCARA receives state funding to provide services to deaf and hard of hearing people and has several offices around the Bay Area. Contact DCARA for more information about deaf culture, sign language interpreters, real-time captioners, ASL classes, etc. Unlike ALDA and SHHH, which are self-help organizations with volunteers but no offices, DCARA has paid staff in a variety of positions.

ALDA East Bay East Bay chapter of ALDA. Provides information about meetings and social events. Regular meetings are on the fourth Saturdays of the month except when the fourth weekend is a holiday weekend or during July and August. (Social events continue during the summer.)

SHHH- California's Northern California Various groups and chapters meet once a month. Use this link to find a chapter or group near you: Diablo Valley, East Bay, North Bay, Peninsula, San Francisco, San Jose, Tri-Valley.

Counseling Services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People

General Bay Area Links

TravInfo Updated information about traffic in Bay Area: TTY number is 817-1718 from most Bay Area Counties, voice number is 817-1717.

JustGo Helpful for finding foreign films (subtitled) or theaters with assistive listening devices: Click on Movies, then Search. Search for Foreign Films and then select your geographical area. Clicking on the link for the theater should show whether the film is subtitled, open-captioned or whether the theater provides assistive listening devices (look under Attributes).  This site also provides information about traffic updates, restaurants, events and other local information. (Since it's hard for us to hear traffic updates on the radio, consider checking on the traffic update link above before you take a drive.)

SF Bay Traffic Another good site showing traffic information.  Also provides a method of subscribing to traffic updates by email during commute hours.

AtHand Pacific Bell's list of resources for California geographical areas, including San Francisco.

San Jose Mercury News

Hot CoCo Contra Costa Times (Weather and other local information)

Bay Area Transit Information BART, AC Transit, Muni, Santa Clara Valley Transit, and other public transit information. Maps and schedules.

California Information for People with Hearing Loss

See SHHH California's California Resources for more information; this contains quite a few Bay Area resources not listed on this page.


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