Guide to Two Line Voice Carry Over
Step-by-step guide to using two line voice carry over so that a person with some residual hearing can hear and also use the relay service for the same call. Written for Californians but may be useful for people in other states. Written February 2001.
Differing Abilities
Imagining accessible products
Conflict, Change and Growth
Turning conflicts hard of hearing people face into opportunities.
Recommendations for Optimal Care (Hearing Loss)
Presentation given to public conservators (California) regarding detecting and managing hearing loss in (low-functioning) frail elderly
Companies for Hard of Hearing People
Companies which sell adaptive technology for hearing loss
Choices in Hearing Aids
A description of basic hearing aid options and some advanced technologies
Strategies for Handling Voice Calls and Messages
A description of solutions for handling incoming calls and voice messages 8/14/98

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