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This site contains a large amount of medical information, a doctor finder page to help you find a "Good" doctor, pain control and pain management through the use of Narcotics such as morphine,methadone,Hydro and Oxycondone in addition to alternatives to drugs. Look up Drug on RX sites. Find Free Meds. There is an Activist Page to help you fight the battle with the DEA. An SSA,SSDI page to help you get your Social Security benefits. Many links to other Chronic Pain Sites, Pages on Osteoporosis, FMS,RSD, Depression, Migraine headaches and Anatomy pages to help you understand your diseases. Pages to help the disabled. A Horror Stories page, My Story and Poems. There are many other conditions listed on the next 32 pages.

If you are in need of a "good doctor" then please make use of the many sites to aid you finding one in your area. I CAN NO LONGER REFER DOCTORS TO YOU DIRECTLY. You are always welcome to use the feedback email below to write to me at any time. I will do what I can to help you understand just what to say to doctors in order to save you time and money in your search.

Don't bother telling me about the dead links. There are many dead links on the following pages because many have given up and taken down their sites over the years. I am taking down these dead links and replacing them as I can but keep in mind that I too am very disabled and have many bad days, weeks and even whole months.

Remember, this site is here to support you. I understand what you are dealing with because I have been through 34 years of fighting Chronic Pain in this very screwed up medical system. You can write me by using the feedback below. Your not alone anymore unless your the type that wants to suffer alone. I am never too busy to talk you via email, chat or even the telephone. Please use the feedback form below. If you just want to talk to someone or just vent. Scroll down to find the feedback form.
One more thing, I have been at this for many years now and have a lot of stories. I am learning that we ALL have several things in common. Please send me your story so I can study our common problems in more depth. I.E. Depression, bone loss (now proven to be caused by pain meds)the hormone changes, do to the long term use of Opiates, which in turn cause low sex drive. We are just now learning how DHEA and Testosterone are but two hormones that clearly are depleted by the use of these pain meds. January 15th 2009 I entered into yet another study looking into the ACTH depletion due to Opiates as well. We can feel much better if we replace these hormones as we continue using Opiate. The depletion of these vital hormone cause Osteoporosis not to mention your sex drive, be it male or female. In the case of DHEA, the replacement can even cause our pain meds to work more effective, have your DHEA and hormone levels checked for sure. There are many more hormones that are effected that medicine has yet to even discover. If we don't study these things I can assure you that your doctor will NOT. I am lucky to have a very old doctor willing to put his own money into this research. In the last three years the facts are in, no more do we have to wonder, pain meds cause hormone depletion and hence BONE LOSS and sex drive failure.

We all know of someone that killed themselves this year do to the fact that their doctor cut them off without notice. We must stop this insane practice, It is nothing short of MURDER! We MUST join together in words and in deeds or this will only get worse until there is no doctors left to treat our pain. Less than 1/10th of one percent ever become addicted! Over the years my own information tells me it is no more than 5%. So why do doctors assume we are all Addicts? With the majority never becoming addicted then we have to look to the DEA as the reason. Think about how much money is saved with each suicide. No more monthly check to send to the disabled. No more expensive medical tests to pay for. We're talking Billions here folks. You say you don't know WHY they are doing this! With the Oxycontin scam in recent years there have been hundreds of thousands of pain patients cut of cold turkey. That means we have to fight! Just like the AIDS patients did. You can't just sit there folks. They will go after MScontin next along with all of the stronger meds that keep us alive. Then what will you do? Who will you call then? I no longer can give you a referral because you guys won't even tell me who your good doctors are. Don't cry to me anymore. I have tried to help you guys for 10 years! I can do no more without your help, other than to hear your stories and lend you my support that comes with 34 years of chronic pain wisdom and fighting SSA and the medical establishment.

Just in Updated: 3:51 p.m. PT Aug 3, 2007 NEW YORK - Among chronic pain patients who have been prescribed opioid drugs such as OxyContin or Percocet by primary care physicians, nearly 4 percent abuse these drugs, according to the results of a large study conducted in Wisconsin. You can read the rest of the story here http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/20112586/. Again it clearly shows how little reason the doctors and DEA have for treating us all the same when such a VERY small number of us abuse these drugs. We must make our plight heard.

I have 34 years experience in chronic back pain, rotor cuff, elbow surgery, knee, arthritis, emphysema, depression and countless broken bones (before I even knew I had Osteoporosis). My pain started with my first back operation. I can help but only if you use the links and write me. Together we can help each other. There is hardly any pain or drug that I have NOT taken, along with most of the anti depressants and NSAIDS. I can help you find information about your conditions and the drugs that work best.

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  • Alternative Medicine is on the raise for a good reason

  • I am often asked if I am a doctor. I'm not and here is my disclaimer

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    Want a doctor and be able to get your meds online too? While I know of one doctor in California that was busted for doing this same thing, it's possible the laws are different in other State. Check these sites out, what do you have to lose? But keep in mind that your not going to be able to get Opiate online without braking Federal law.

    To Vaccinate or not, that is the question these days.VETS at least will now have to admit that they have over vaccinated but not if you don't know anything about it. Read on.
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    Your comments are more than appreciated, they are needed! I have learned that we have much more in common than just Chronic Pain. There are hormonal problems just now being associated with the meds we take to mention just one thing. In turn I have learned to tell MEN to check their testosterone levels and sure enough they are low more than 75% of the time. Here they thought the drug caused them not to want sex as often. There are many lucky ladies out there due to just the addition of testosterone to list of meds. You WOMEN can also find low testosterone levels which is the sex drive hormone in male and female. Only with feedback can I hope to know what you need. How to better inform you. PLEASE complete the form and click on Submit when your ready.

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