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If you voted for Joe Biden in the 2020 election, you are banned from purchasing our products or services! You have put the world in a very bad place, Shame ON YOU!!! Shame Shame Shame!

We were founded July 14, 1888. To control any form of intellectual property that is an audio recording, or is a device patent that has the purpose of recording and reproducing articulate speech and other sounds. Including collecting and levying fines and penalties. All original North American Phonographs and recordings cylinders are still our property, they were not to be sold but rented. and any such instruments not registered are stolen items!

Please email or contact us for stolen North American Phonograph Company items.

AND THAT the objects for which the Company is formed are to manufacture, trade in, buy, sell, rent, lease and otherwise acquire, hold and dispose of Phonographs, Phonograph-Graphophones ,and Instruments of every other kind or description ,designed, made or used for, intended for, the recording and reproducing of sound, and any or either of them, or any part thereof, and any and all supplies, appliances, materials and articles now used or required and that may be hereafter used or required in the manufacture, use or operation of said Phonographs, Phonograph-Graphophones and instruments and any and either of them and also for the purpose of renting, leasing, selling or otherwise disposing of to other firms, persons or corporations, the right or rights to manufacture, trade in, buy, sell, rent, lease or otherwise dispose of said Phonographs, Phonograph-Graphophones.


This is an example of the blank cylinders we make. You can purchase them in our Ebay store. We also sell new cylinder recordings. While others do record cylinders, many do not make the blanks they record upon, we make our own blanks, spiral core ones,made of similar formulas as blanks made in the early 1890's.

2020 marks 20 years of re-opening The North American Phonograph Company and making new brown wax cylinder records, and blanks. The total output of new cylinders since 2000 is over a ton of new brown wax.

We do sell our wax compound by the pound. It is $55.00 per pound plus shipping. It will be annealed and filtered ready to make blanks (cylinders or discs). The batch will come with an ideal molding temperature, and mold pre heat, which should be followed, we will also include a 100 gram bag of stearic acid, in case you remelt the wax, you can add some to freshen the batch up to replace stearic loss due to vaporization. It is normal for the wax to become darker, every time it is reheated.

The North American Phonograph Company In Chicago recording Rob Scallon for his famous Youtube videos. This is the first time that a live metal band performs in front of an acoustical, original, Edison master studio recorder, it has 1.5 million views!

We also supplied the phonograph, blanks and recording expertise to Bolden!

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Wax cylinder recording session at Bix Beiderbecke's 

Childhood Home in the Quad Cities.  Andy Schumm And His Dixie Flat Landers.  Recording blanks and machine by The North American Phonograph Company. This session used an an Edison recording head circa 1898.

The Photos Below are of Pablo Helguera-Archive Dead Languages Conservatory. Shawn Borri produced the cylinder records for this project. The project started in 2004-ongoing, and comprises of over 400 recordings. North American Phonograph Company still uses the Edison Cylinder Record for ethnography and Ethnomusicology. The recordings are located in such museums as The Nelson-Atkins Museum of art, the Museum of Modern Art, and The Guggenheim in New York.   Shawn Borri has manufactured over 13,000 wax cylinders since 2000. 




We are the acoustical recorders who recorded Thomas Negovan's 10" EP "By Popular Demand" a 45rpm record of 8 original songs, recorded entirely on our wax cylinders, and an 1890's Edison Automatic recorder. It is also the first and only recording of its kind!

Cick here for information on my latest project that is with Chicago Artist Thomas Negovan. This exciting project. I made the blanks and the cylinder recordings, this special project is being released on a limited 500 copy 45 rpm 10" record, I am so excited about the release!

Mickey Hart, and Shawn Borri
At Vernon Downs Raceway in New York

Mickey Hart and Shawn Borri at Vernon Downs Raceway in New York with recording phonograph, and blanks.  Micky Hart is the purcussionist for the Grateful Dead, and sound enthusiast, and author of Song Catchers, published by National Geographic. Hart said of the work of Shawn Borri  "My book come to life!"