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Wesley in all his greatness

Hey ho, fellow Treksmutteers!

Fred here. Y'all might know me from my K/S stories published under the name "Lady Fairchilde" way back when in Greenwich Village, or from some of my more recent work which I've posted to ASCEM 'n' various other lists. I never thought it was really necessary to have my own archive, until one of my fellow furverts asked me where she could find my stories. I realized it was damn well time I set up my own home page! Hope you enjoy it!

I should tell you, although you probably figured it out already: the fic ain't for you younguns or for members of the Pat Robertson White Sheet Brigade. Even reading it could cause a hurricane or two to blast through your local area according to Mighty Pat, Expert on Gays. So if you're too young to read about some real manly lovin' or if you're afraid of us ho-mo-sexuals, go here instead.

I've got most of my old stories still around somewhere, but it's gonna take some time for me to type 'em up and post them here. Till then enjoy my new stuff and take a look at some of the great Wes-pix I've found on the Web! Hooo-ey!

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