to the Reception Room of the Marine Commander

TWD cholghumwI'
(IKV Harbinger)

Lt.Kitiara tai-Rasmehlier, Marine Commander
2Lt.TaniS tai-Rasmehlier, Marine Exec.

From the Desk Of the Marine Commander

My name is Glenna Juilfs, also known as Kitiara Sogh tai-Rasmehlier.
I belong to the Broken Lands Alliance
and I am proud to be counted a member of the TWD cholghumwI',
(that's IKV Harbinger, for you non-Klingon speakers),
Special Operations Branch Marines.

Join us, and win much fame and honor, and glory
(not to mention to have a LOT of fun!).
Sop'u'Q'a' QaQ jajvam

Come visit my office at:
282 Apollo Way
Fortune City

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Job Description

Under the normal circumstances of most Klingon vessels, the Marine Commander would remain frozen in suspended animation until such time as the ship's CO deemed it necessary to rouse the Marines. Then, the Marine CO would be the first one awakened.
However, since, in reality, there is no ship and no cryo freeze, the Marine CO, on this ship, holds a position over the marines, similar to the 1st Officer's position, over the naval personnel. Marines most often are used either as security or to augment regular security personnel.
Although the Captain's word is law aboard the ship, common courtesy demands that all use of Marine personnel is cleared through the Marine Commander. The Marine CO is responsible for all Marine actions aboard the ship.

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