to the Reception Room of the Marine Executive Officer

TWD cholghumwI'
(IKV Harbinger)

Lt.Kitiara tai-Rasmehlier, Marine Commander
2Lt.TaniS tai-Rasmehlier, Marine Exec.

From the Desk Of the Marine Exec.:

My name is Erin Pence,also known as TaniS Sogh cha'DIch tai-Rasmehlier.
I belong to the Broken Lands Alliance
and I am also proud to be counted a member of
the TWD cholghumwI', (IKV Harbinger), Special Operations Branch Marines.

Join us, and win much fame and honor, and glory


Come Visit My Office:
282 Apollo Place
Fortune City

Visit SoSwI'
Go to Marine Commander's Reception Area

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Job Description:

The Marine exec is to the Marine CO,
as the Ist Officer is to the Captain

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