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We are the Knights Who Say Chuu!

Would you believe that Iron Mouse is considered The Great Cute One by some?  It's true!  In a far away land where people like Iron Mouse are real (the anime world, of course!), a church was formed devoted to worshipping The Great Cute One.  To prove that my suspisions aren't unfounded, I followed the suspected members with my voice recorder and camera.

Chuchu from 'Utena'

Meet the founder and leader of the Church of Chuu, Chuchu!   This small monkey is so obsessed with Iron Mouse that he changed his name in Her honor and only says "Chuu." In fact, he even tries to convert others around him by sending subliminal messages! He is sure that once others learn the joy of being part of the Church of Chuu, they would realize that this was their calling.

Hear the evidence!
Saionji from 'Utena'

Even Saionji gets in on the fun!  In a freak accident with Chuchu, Saionji discovered the joy of the Church of Chuu. Although he still hates Chuchu, he is determined in not letting it get in the way of worshipping The Great Cute One.

Listen to the truth!
Chibi Usa from 'Sailormoon'

Our own Chibi Usa is even a member! When she went back to Crystal Tokyo in Stars, Serenity must've told her about Iron Mouse, therefore getting Chibi Usa interested in her. To establish to her listeners about her love for The Great Cute One, Chibi Usa yelled in her Stars (coincidence? I think not!) single - "Bai Bai tte Itta" - the magnificent word "Chuu!"

Sample the devotion!
Pikachu from 'Pokémon'

Did you know that all of those Pikachu worshippers around the world are indirectly worshipping The Great Cute One? 'Tis true! Chuchu decided to send a part of himself to another anime to spread the message of the Church of Chuu (must be taking tips from Galaxia ^_-). To disguise his true form, "Pika" was put in front of "Chuu." However, when brought to American shores, executives feared the power Pikachuu, and took away a U in his name to lessen the force.  But, Pikachu is not easily stopped!  Often he lets out a lone "chuu" in hopes of opening our children's eyes.

Discover the real Pikachu!
ChuuChuu from 'Codename wa Sailor V'

Even manga characters worship Iron Mouse! I'm still investigating this, but it seems that in the Codename wa Sailor V manga, there was a villainous mosquito named ChuuChuu! Hopefully I'll get ahold of tankoubon 3 and see for myself, but for now you can view my source for this amazing info.

Update! Fellow investigator Tay has aquired photos of ChuuChuu and passed them onto me! Take a look here and here!

C-ko from 'Utena'

Gougai, gougai, gougai! You know, all of these Utena characters involved is starting to freak me out. ^^; C-ko, the Shadow Play Girl during the Black Rose arc, blantly showed her devotion to The Great Cute One. But, I wonder, I wonder, do you know what I wonder? Could C-ko be none other than The Great Cute One? Could C-ko be short for Chuuko? Could that tail be real? Has Chuchu succeeded in summoning The Great Cute One into the Utena realm? Kashira, kashira...

Be amazed at this startling news!
Noonsa from 'Slayers'

Lina Inverse from the series Slayers once almost became a follower of The Great Cute One. A creature by the name of Noonsa tried to fill Lina with the power of Chuu, but sadly she rejected it in fear of what might have become of herself. Noonsa is a fierce member, doing almost anything for the cause of spreading the joy of the Church of Chuu. However, his peers felt he was too pushy and giving a bad name to the Church, so they ate him. And so ends the sad tale of St. Noonsa.

Heed a sound from the beyond!
The Tenchi Cast from 'Tenchi Muyo!'

Just about the entire cast from Tenchi Muyo! are followers! Aeka actually wanted to cover up their involvement with the Church of Chuu. Being of the Jurai family, she felt it would exploit the group too much by being public with her devotion, and asked *coughforcedcough* the rest of the cast to do the same. However, Ryouko decided to make a deal with Chuchu to let the cast sing a hymn for the Church. Aeka of course couldn't go against Chuchu's wishes, which is why it is known today of these fairly new followers.

Marvel at the chanting!

A note to the gulliable: yes, this whole thing is a silly light-hearted crock.  If you actually believed this was real, you must be nuttier than me. ^^;; A note to the picky: yes, I know there's a difference between "chuu" and "chu."  Don't ruin my fun! ;_; ... ^_~


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