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What To Do With Those Comments


Not *that* making love! :P

Haruka and Michiru, Usagi and Mamoru, Usagi and Seiya, Nephrite and Naru, Umino and Naru...  So much love between characters, none of which involve Iron Mouse!  So, what if she was paired off with some characters from Sailormoon she never had the opprotunity to be with?  Would it be true love or pure hate?  This page examines the possibilities! ^_^

I've divided various Sailormoon characters (none from other anime, so as not to cause confusion) into different groups that should be pretty self-explanitory.  Next to each character's picture, I rate how they'd be with Iron Mouse using the following: personality, looks, compatibility, and anything else I can think of.  Then I give a certain amount of hearts.  Here's a key:

1 -- Not much of a chance going well together
1  2 -- Might last for a while, but don't plan on wedding invitations
1  2  3 -- Except for a few problems, they'd be great!

Okay, now here're the pages:


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