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Just as confusing as math equations

In most Sailormoon series, there's a villain that corresponds to each inner senshi, such as Mars-Jadeite-Cooan-Eudial-Hawks Eye-Ves Ves.  But what about with the Anima Mates?  Who goes with who?  This is quite a bit harder than other villains, since it seems the writers pretty much gave up with the whole corresponding thing.   However, it's kinda obvious that Aluminum Siren corresponds to Mercury and Tin Nyanko is with Jupiter by default.  But now what about Iron Mouse, Lead Crow, Venus, and Mars?  This is where things get complicated, mainly because of Lead Crow (no offense, Lead Crow fans ^^;;).  In trying to figure out who goes with who, here's some similarities:

Iron Mouse & Venus

Iron Mouse wears gold, and Venus is associated with gold.

Both faced off with each other; the corresponding senshi and villain usually battle each other at one point.

Both have cute and funny personalities.

Iron Mouse was the first Anima Mate to appear, and Venus was the first senshi to appear (as Sailor V).

Iron Mouse & Mars

Both have a lot of attitude.

Both can get fed up with Usagi. ^^;

Both have short tempers.

Lead Crow & Venus

Lead Crow has been shown with gold in the background while introducing herself, suggesting this is her color; Venus's color is gold.

Lead Crow's weapon is a whip, a weapon most villains corresponding with Venus have (like Tigers Eye and Karaberas).

Lead Crow is the #1 Anima Mate, and Venus is the leader of the inner senshi.

Lead Crow & Mars

Mars's color is red, and Lead Crow is usually associated with red ("Lead" sounds like "Red," part of her name translates "Red," she looks reddish, etc.).

Their personalities are very similar.

Lead Crow has a relationship with Aluminum Siren similar to Usagi and Rei's.

Mars was the third inner senshi to appear (after Sailor V and Mercury), and Lead Crow was the third Anima Mate to die (yes, I'm stretching).

In the manga, Lead Crow came from the same planet as Mars's crows.

So who do I think goes with who?  I'm even more confused now. ^^;;  I could just go with that no one corresponds with each other, but that seems like a cop-out answer.  I guess you'll have to decide for yourself.


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