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C'mon, you know she's great ^_~

The following is a little essay (well, more like ramblings) on why I think Sailor Iron Mouse is so great.  No, no, please stop the cheering, I know you're all anxious. ^_~


     Sailor Iron Mouse.  These words bring so many thoughts into my head.  Thoughts of greatness, thoughts of cuteness, thoughts of attitude, etc.  Of all the villains, she had a certain appeal that made you love her.  Her personality seemed to be mixed of opposites-- cute but evil, amusing but lethal, respectful but disrespectful.  It's no wonder so many love her.

     The first thing I noticed about Iron Mouse that makes me love her is her looks.  She can look so adorable, yet so evil at the same time.  No other villain has done this successfully, not even Para Para (who seems to look either just cute or just psycho ^_^).  There are quite a few times when I had chills up my spine at how evil she looked, yet she still seemed cute.  Also, when I see her attack her victims, I can never decide whether to scream "kawaii!" or "kowai!"  Since I'm the type of person that loves cuteness, but also loves baddies, this amazing combo drew me into her more than other villains.

     Another thing that makes me love Iron Mouse so much is how she can be hilarious one second, and all of a sudden the next she's deadly-- a wonderful mixture that makes you laugh at her yet take her seriously (hey, kinda like life, ne?).  And the interesting thing is that these two things are at the extremes.  It may seem like bad writing to not have Iron Mouse be either one or the other, but its pulled off in a terrific way.

     The third thing that makes Iron Mouse lovable is how she's so disrespectful towards Sailor Moon-tachi.  Unlike past villains, she usually just gets ticked off when Sailor Moon arrives and leaves.  And when she interacts with the other senshi, she's great at dispatching insults.  As much as I like Minako, I couldn't help but have a great laugh at Iron Mouse making fun of her when she missed Iron Mouse with her attack (episode 175).  The amazing thing is, though, that when it comes to her boss, Galaxia, she lets herself be pushed around.  Of course, if she didn't, she would have been dead sooner, but it still ticks me off that Iron Mouse had to take all of that junk from Galaxia and be laughed at by the other Anima Mates. *grrr*

     So now you know why I love Sailor Iron Mouse so much: evil, cute, funny, deadly, and impolite to her enemies.  How can you not love a person like that? ^_^


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