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The endearing imperfection of evil

Like all people, Iron Mouse has her faults. *gets the paddles ready* ^_~;;  But seriously, it's what makes her more enjoyable and gives her some depth.  So here's a list of faults that have been pointed out about her, plus what I think of them.


• She's too desperate.

Well, she's in a life-or-death situation, her boss beats her up, and her peers laugh at her. I'd be pretty desperate, too. ^^;;


• She's doesn't shut up!

Yes, she is quite talkative. ^_^  Although, being kinda quiet myself, I've always admired people that can just go on and on about anything. ^-^;


• Her voice is so annoying!

Mimete's got her beat. ^_~ However, I think the high pitch was supposed to make her seem cute and like a mouse. *shrug* I guess it can get on your nerves after a while.


• She's useless.

Eh heh. ^^;; No, she didn't accomplish much, although she did almost tell Sailor Moon who Star Fighter was.  Other than that, yeah. ^^;;


• She hurt Luna.

That scene was actually the only time I wasn't sure who to side with.  I'm not into seeing cute little animals get hurt.  Looking past that, though, I thought the Cat Vs. Mouse thing was kinda cool. ^^

Can you think of any others? Be sure to e-mail them to me. ^_^

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