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Quantum Leap stories

"Quantum Kirk" by Lenora McCoy (1995)
This story is a cross between Quantum Leap and Star Trek. Sam leaps into Captain James T. Kirk during the movie Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. My first Sci-Fi story, Quantum Leap story, Star Trek story and crossover story. I really treaded new ground when writing this one!!
"Quantum Leap: A New Leaper" (Fall / Winter, 1996)
This is a Quantum Leap fan fiction story, my take on what happened after "Mirror Image". A new leaper takes Sam's place. I already am planning on writing at least two sequels. (Watch here for details! Check out my Coming Soon page for plotlines!)
"Quantum Leap: A Visit to a Weird Planet" (Winter, 1996)
Based on a couple of Star Trek stories by the same title, Dean Stockwell and Al Calavicci suddenly switch places and Dean has to take on Observer duties while Al has to take Dean's place on the set of Quantum Leap.
"Multiple Monkee Personalities" (Fall/Winter 1997-98)
My first Monkees/Quantum Leap crossover. Sam leaps into Micky to prevent an accident on the set of the Monkees, while technician Agnes Garreffa (from the New Leaper series of stories) spends time getting to know Micky in the Waiting Room.
"You Monka Cookie, Cooka Monkee" (Spring/Summer 1998)
Things are a little Monkee-nuts when Agnes (from my New Leaper stories) leaps into Micky Dolenz during the filming of "Monkees Chow Mein"! See the Monkees show through a fan's eyes!
Enola and Lenora's Quantum Leaper series
This is a series of Quantum Leaps starring Agnes (from A New Leaper) and Al.

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